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Blood Sugar

There are two reasons to track blood sugar (glucose):

  1. Diabetes outpatients: Imagine that you are camping out in the winter and build a camp fire. A very sensitive thermometer is set somewhere near it. At any given moment, that thermometer is going to measure different temps because the fire flares up or cools down or you add a piece or two of new fuel (glucose is body fuel) to it. Blood glucose levels vary similarly. No one demands that the temp be kept in a narrow range and argues over, say, 150 vs 130. If the flames are too high, a breeze could bend the flames & catch tent on fire. It is mostly the people who are not even attempting to control their diabetic blood sugar levels that end up with complications such as blindness & other scary things. Let whatever your doctor puts as the high bar (such as 150) be your target. Personally over-managing your blood sugar to the point of causing it to get too low may be a more serious short-term risk.
  2. ICU and post-operative situations in any hospitalized patient: It has been shown since about 2000 that keeping a sick or injured patient's blood sugar from getting clearly high ("tight glycemic control") somehow helps outcomes to be better. Because the medical team uses insulin and maybe other medications to keep your glucose down does NOT mean that you have suddenly become diabetic.

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(date posted 16 December 2015)