The Truth... What is it?

She Changed Churches!!

NO! Don't be automatically mad. WHY did she change?

Many people are confused about church membership. Upon becoming a true Christian believer, a person automatically becomes a member of the world-wide "universal body of believers", The Church, whose membership roll is The Lamb's Book of Life (Revelations 21:27). Though Jesus sits at the right hand of God and has authority over all of heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18), the "body of Christ" is the worldwide church; and Jesus inhabits that "body" by way of his part in the Trinity (the triune God), united with the Holy Spirit and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit within each believer in that worldwide church.

So, the issue of church loyalty should be clearly focused on our belonging (actively and continually) in this "body of Christ". Remember, there is a church building, a local church, and The Church...and here is a table of comparison.

Our local church membership is of secondarily great importance. Each person has different gifts to exercise within the local church...each person being like a different part of a local body (a tongue, a finger, an eye) (Romans 12:1-8). If you aren't giving and receiving and growing in your local church, ask God to show you why. It may be that the deficit is your own fault. If you are lead through prayer to think that it is not your personal fault, then it may be that the Holy Spirit wants to work you into another local church: same denomination, another denomination...possibly even another Christian arena (Protestant vs Catholic vs Orthodox, etc.). You need foremost to be in a local church where you can worship, love, be loved, serve, and grow as part of a community.

I believe that the various Christian arenas & denominations act as "parts of the body" of the worldwide body of Christ, too. Some act as reservoirs of simple Christian living; some are food producers for the people in depressed countries; some reach out stronger in local and foreign missions; some are societal reservoirs of education in Christian schools; and some are really strong on evangelization, etc.

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posted June 1998