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Why did/does Jesus NOT miraculously cure everyone? If God is love, why do bad things happen to good people? Why wouldn't a good God make all things right? Here's why: because there is a better place after this life on earth (though God never treats tragedy & death trivially). Then, why miracles? Miracles happen as God-signs to bring folk into touch with God and represent actual concrete, earthly proclamations...signs...of there being YHWH God. In collecting testimonies of miracles and the Grace of God, I have NEVER heard one that included any audible reprimand from God! Many of the below have testimonies and histories elsewhere in the internet, and those may be located by using your favorite search engine. For many, this website will be essentially the only source of their testimony. Enjoy!




  • 700 Club Amazing Stories collection on left-hand margin Living channel subheading "Amazing Stories" ...conversions, health miracles, etc.

  • Professor Mike Adams: atheist criminology professor has sudden world view change to Christianity after 17-day visit to South American prison.

  • Yolanda Adams, black school teacher becomes acclaimed Gospel singer (1988 debut) & writer, from Houston, Texas.

  • Adelaide, delivered from homosexuality.

  • Nadine Al-asaad's cancer scare in 2000...then cured, Columbia, S. C.

  • Al Alceves, he started a rough biker's club and became addicted to heroin.

  • Shaun Alexander, NFL Seattle Seahawks star chasing after Christ.

  • Davey Allison, professional race car driver & son of racer Bobby Allison.

  • Jocelyn Andersen's was not looking for God, but He found her

  • Anonymous- former Buddhist

  • Sonny Arguinzoni, NY city drug addict converted in 1962 & turned preacher; founder of Victory Outreach drug rehab churches & homes...his site has dozens of testimonies.

  • Dan Arbuckle, a full blown alcoholic by the age of 29.

  • Samuel Alexander Armas, during surgical approach to correct his spina bifida before being born, reached a hand from his mother's uterus at age 21 weeks and grasped the surgeons finger as "the hand of hope"...abortion debate item: is this a person?

  • Annie Walker Armstrong, born (1850-1938) in Maryland, namesake for the Southern Baptist Easter offering for North American missions.

  • Mary Kathlyn "Mary Kay" Wagner  Ash, of Dallas, Texas, founder of Mary Kay beauty products...died 2001.

  • John Ashcroft, former Missouri Gov. & Senator; US Attorney Gen. in 2003 & among Wikipedia's list of 21st century Protestant Christians.

  • Kim Avery, saved from suicide.

  • Gladys Aylward, missionary to China. 


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  • Francis Bacon (1561-1626), key figure of the Scientific Revolution (HERE & HERE).

  • Wendy Ballard Chapin, S. C. native, gives church friend some liver...a health miracle!

  • Bobby Barnes, evangelist; miracle conversion of his daddy.

  • Jim Baxter, Marine for Jesus.

  • Todd Beamer, 9/11 hero died after uttering "Let's roll!"...(preceded by prayers and "Jesus help me!").

  • Sandy Carlson Becker, raised a Christian and had greatly productive example of an entire life well blessed.

  • Todd Beezley, [demonics] born with brittle bone disease, sold his soul to Satan...on 700 Club.

  • Vitor Belfort, Brazilian UFC mixed martial arts fighting champ turns Christian in 2003.

  • Rolf Benirschke, highest scoring San Diego Charger copes with ulcerative colitis.

  • Steve Beren, once an opponent of the United States, opposed in principle to the very concept of patriotism. I opposed America and supported its enemies.

  • Cassie Bernall, murdered in 1999 at school in Colorado...Columbine High School student martyr.

  • Lance Berkman, MLB Houston Astros, living beyond belief.

  • David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam" 1976-77 serial in prison and Christian convert.

  • Bethel College, Christian football team a winner..."Love God, hit Hard!"

  • Biker church, where bikers are always welcome.

  • Arthur Blessitt, carried a cross walking in all countries of the world.

  • Duane Blue, (born about 1950) his youth rebellion drove his Mom to suicide.

  • Iris Blue, of Houston, Texas: bad girl (born about 1950) turns to Jesus.

  • Rev. Henry T. Blackaby, church planter, author of Experiencing God (1990).

  • Warren Bolton, The State newspaper, Columbia, S. C.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte, King...points to the real King of kings.

  • Corrie Ten Boom, from concentration camp to freedom.

  • William & Catherine Booth, they formed (between 1860-78) an army for the down-trodden that is strong today!

  • Bobby Bowden, incredible FSU college football coach.

  • drowned boy spoken (2002) to by grandfather's vision.

  • Robert Boyle (1627-1691), (HERE) devised Boyle's Law, etc., and among the key devout Christians of the Scientic Revolution (HERE).

  • Terry Bradshaw, famous pro quarterback: testimony; singing Gospel.

  • William M. Branham (1909-1965), famous Christian.

  • Carter Breeland, melanoma miracle cure (1983), West Columbia, S. C.

  • "Bill" Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, & initiator of The Jesus Film Project (HERE and Wikipedia).

  • Ron Brown, didn't get Stanford head football coach job (2002) because he is a Christian.

  • Dan Browne, 2004 summer Olympics marathon and 10,000 meter competitor.

  • William F. Buckley, Jr., brilliant conservative writer and commentator, a Christian, wrote the provocative book, God and Man at Yale; YouTube video.

  • Willie Lee Buffington, poor white man gets books for poor blacks in 1930s...begins Faith Cabin Libraries.

  • Brandon Burlsworth (1976-1999):fat Christian kid becomes football great; see movie, "Greater:...".

  • Gary Busey, nominated film actor.

  • George Walker Bush, 43rd United States of America President: he is a born again Christian!

  • Clarke Bynum of Sumter, S. C.: wrestles terrorist from cockpit in flight (2000) over Kenya.

  • Chris Byrd professional boxer, former IBF champion of the world.


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  • Finis J. Dake, famous Christian.

  • Charlie Daniels, country musician, Wilmington, N. C.

  • Chris Danze, organizes (2003) first-ever construction boycott of $6+ million Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, Austin, Texas.

  • Rich Daughtride, Pro Indoor Soccer Player.

  • Cecil Burke Day, founder of Day's Inn motel chain.

  • Terry Dean, Jesus came to me in person.

  • Harry S. Dent, advisor to presidents encounters real power

  • Rene Descartes (1596-1650), among (HERE) the key devout Christians of the Scientic Revolution (HERE).

  • Jacob D. "Jake" DeShazer, WWII "Doolittle Raider" from Oregon tortured by the Japanese 40 months and returns to Japan for 30 years to evangelize 1000s.

  • Gail Devers, professional track athlete.

  • Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway, a famous tither.

  • Joseph Donato, former mafia member.

  • Desmond Doss, WWII Medal of honor for unarmed Christian conscientious objector heroics on Hacksaw Ridge (the fabulous, graphic, disturbing but uplifting MOVIE).

  • Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Lallah Lindler Drafts, radiation therapy miracle: was promised terrible pain...actually was nearly pain free.

  • Dave Dravecky, pro baseball pitcher's pitching arm amputated for cancer & he turns to help others.

  • J.D. DrewMLB Boston Red Sox.

  • Dinesh D'Souza, immigrant to USA & defender of Christianity vs. atheists.

  • The Duggar Family...a Christian family expecting their 19th child.

  • Tony Dungy, first A-A coach to win the NFL Super Bowl (2007) turns prison minister (2009).

  • Ron Dunn, Texas preacher survivor of eldest son's suicide.

  • Robert Duvall, actor and Christian produces movie "The Apostle".

  • Stacey Dash, mixed-race actress, child drug addict gives her story. 


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  • Ebo Elder, is known as "The X-treme Machine" on ESPN's second season of The Contender.
  • Charlotte Elliott, invalid British hymn writer, "Just As I Am".
  • Rev. Anthony T. "Tony" Evans [do web search].
  • Exodus International North America: "Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ."  Testimonials of dozens of ex-gays, male & female.

  • Exodus Mandate Project


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  • Barbara Fairchild, country singer [do web search].

  • Buddy Farris, Virginia state trooper pronounced dead in 1979...came to on the way to the Richmond morgue.

  • Jennie Finch, 2004 summer Olympics gold medal soft ball team pitcher.

  • Howard Finster, preacher then folk artist & founder of Paradise Gardens, Summerville, Ga. [do web search]

  • Leah Fitzgerald, blind (Batten's Disease) artist, 2002 high school grad.

  • John Wesley Fling, he gave everything to others...ministerial people helper in West Columbia, S. C.

  • Nick Foles, Eagles coach for Super Bowl LII win (Vimeo; Wikipedia).

  • Jane Fonda, "Hanoi Jane", converts to being a born again Christian.

  • "Tennessee" Ernie Ford, country musician [do web search].

  • George Foreman, world heavyweight boxing champ.

  • Jeff Foxworthy, comedian [do web search].
  • Seth Franco, Harlem Globetrotters.

  • Andrew Franklin- a miracle healing

  • Rich Franklin, a mixed martial artist, who fights for the UFC.

  • Gary Frazier, deaf from meningitis at age 10...became deaf prayer minister.

  • Melissa Fryrear, ex lesbian video testimony, HERE.
  • Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, lead Japanese pilot on the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for homes for the poor.    


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  • Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), a leader of the Scientific Revolution (when most of the revolutionary scientists were devout Christians).
  • Robert K. "Butch" Galloway, born about 1934 with severe cerebral palsy, a Sumter, S. C. business man.
  • McKrae Game, former gay and founder of Truth Ministry in Spartanburg, S. C.
  • Johnny Gardner, Columbia street-side abortion protester.
  • Larry Gatlin, country music singer [do web search].
  • John Gavazzoni, the Gospel of inclusion.
  • Lenell Geter, imprisoned wrongly & not bitter, [do web search].
  • Joe Gibbs, former professional football coach, quietly devout Christian.
  • Mel Gibson, actor and Christian...produces crucifixion movie, "The Passion" (2004).
  • Ivy Goforth, minister's daughter, recovering drug addict.
  • Vestal Freeman Goodman, (1929-2003) of Fyffe, Alabama; "The Queen" of country gospel.
  • Jeff Gordon, professional race car driver.
  • Jennifer Graham, brain tumor miracle cure, Columbia, S. C.
  • Sara R. Gray, son's wreck; His hand on her shoulder.
  • A.C. Green, former professional basketball player.
  • David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby.
  • Roosevelt Grier, incredibly dominating, old-time pro football lineman who became a minister.
  • Angela Perez Baraquio Grey- former Miss America leads thought against abortion.
  •  Andy Griffith, famous actor a Christian.
  • "Guideposts" magazine true story collection archives.
  • Madame Guyon, famous Christian who taught value of being in prayer at all times.



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  • Ted Haggard: fallen evangelist & former homosexual
  • Bethany Hamilton, 14 year old "soul surfer", shark bit arm off [do web search].
  • Shane Hammon, Olympic power lifter [do web search].
  • M. C. Hammer, rap musician [do web search].
  • George Frideric Handel, (1685-1759) classical composer...the great Handel's Messiah performed by 1000s of choirs worldwide each year was miraculously composed in just 24 days! [do web search].
  • Tom Hanks, famous actor a Christian [do web search].
  • Regi Harris, NCAA Basketball All-American.
  • Johnny Hart, famous cartoonist.
  • Mr. Harvey, "Jesus turned beer into furniture!"
  • Steve Harvey, an American actor, comedian, entertainer, radio personality and best selling author.
  • Health miracles collection.
  • Heather, a single mother finds God.
  • Dr. Nancy Heche, survivor of family gay affairs.
  • "He Invites" testimony collection (1000s) web site.
  • H. J. Heinz, Heinz ketchup founder a tithing believer [do web search].
  • Matt Hemingway, 2004 summer Olympics high jump competitor.
  • Tracy and Coltyn Hermanstorfer, a mother and son who had slipped away.
  • Orel Herschiser, professional baseball player [do web search].
  • Charlton Heston, famous actor a Christian [do web search].

  • Christopher Hitchens, fiery atheist, believes near the end, HERE.
  • Liz Curtis Higgs, former bad girl writes Bad Girls of the Bible.
  • about His House Ministries, Lexington County, S. C.
  • Randy Hofman, evangelizes with elaborate beach-sand sculpture.
  • Sheila Holcomb, from crack addict to minister.
  • Evander Holyfield, professional boxing champion [do web search].
  • Dave Hood, website designer has 1994 heart attack, then God leads him to start a pro sports figure
    testimony website with over 1000 testimonies in over 40 pro sports.
  • Gov. Ben Hooper, an illegitimate child becomes Tennessee governor.
  • Heather Hoopes, her boyfriend started taking her to church.
  • Rebecca Hope, redeemed crack addict, Columbia, S. C.
  • Christian Hosoi, Professional Skateboarder.
  • Dwight Howard, was the first overall pick in the NBA draft in 2004.
  • Gov. Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas 1996-present, and former pastor.
  • Matt Hughes, 9-time World Welterweight Champion of the UFC.
  • Todd Huston, mountain climber, motivational speaker, amputee.


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  • Kathy Ireland, fashion super-model proclaims, "...abortion is murder!"
  • Lily Fishman Isaacs, Christian Jew matriarch of the Christian singing group, The Isaacs.
  • India  ?'s testimony area of her Christian apologetics website.
  • Isaac, rescued from the kingdom of hell.
  • Neavei Isaac, Where Shall I Hide?

  • "Its A Miracle", PAX TV's program & some true stories.


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  • Prayer of Jabez web site and testimony forum.
  • Walter Jabs (1924-2013), USA soldier spares life of German combatant & they become life-long friends.

  • Lamar Jackson, 2016 Heisman Trophy winner (youngest ever) thanks God first (the article lists many who have done the same).
  • Mahalia Jackson, famous Christian [do web search].
  • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, mixed martial artist fighting for the UFC.

  • John Jacobs, 6' 4", 270lbs & once the second strongest man in America...he & other powerful men found Jesus.

  • Kelly N. Jeffcoat, RN, facing breast cancer since 2001 brought her to a higher plane, West Columbia, S. C.

  • Gianna Jessen, singer & late abortion survivor at 7.5 months & 2 pounds causing cerebral palsy (& )

  • Walter Johantgen, M. D.....smashed face & life & was cured, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1998.

  • Dr. Willie Jolley, "A setback is a setup for a comeback" (HERE), a fired jazz singer replaced by a karaoke machine & then got theological degree & degree in psychology & is a top-ranked motivational speaker!

  • Martha Jenkins Jones...a medical miracle cure healing of a spiritual-based  "chronic fatigue syndrome" case.

  • "Journey to the Cross", former Easter event, Northside Baptist Church, West Columbia, S. C.
  • "Jesus Junction" testimony collection.

  • Jesus Daily website of miracles & inspiring stories.
  • Avery Johnson NBA Dallas Mavericks.
  • Phillip Johnson, intellectual law professor proves errors of the theory...the religion...of evolution.
  • George Jones (1931-2013), of Saratoga, Texas, Country Music legend (born 1933) asks Jesus to hit him in the head with a sledge hammer if He has to.

  • Lori "Lolo" Jones (1982-), famous track 100 meter hurdles star who came back from a spinal cord problem to win again!
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee, great pro track athlete on service to others (re Jesus @ 5:00).
  • Connie Jumper (1958-2013), Lexington, S. C. pastor's (The Harvest Church) wife alive & delivered from widespread cancer in about 1980 until a return of cancer in 2013.


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  • Anil Kant- a Hindu convert and famous gospel singer
  • John Kasay, NFL Carolina Panthers.
  • Curtis Kelley, As former professional boxer, now turned Hollywood pastor, Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley is sharing his powerful anointed message with people around the world.
  • Hunter Kemper, Olympic triathlete [do web search].
  • William Kent, quadriplegic healed by God.
  • Francis Scott Key, (1779-1843) lawyer...composer...Star Spangled Banner.
  • Alan Keyes, black U.S. Presidential candidate.

  • Dwayne King, friend of Lexington County, S. C. surgeon, Terry Norton & founder of missionary pilots organization, Kingdom Air Corps.

  • KING OF KINGS SKATE MINISTRY, Skateboarding Team.
  • Margaret King, North Charleston, S.C., a life changed by a "cold call" visit by church folk.  

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., famous civil rights leader and Christian.

  • Donna Kirkland, Lexington, S. C. near death experience (about NDEs, HERE)!
  • Jesse Klassen of Canada wrecks car in 2002, faces jail, and Jesus shows up.
  • Nikita Koloff, Professional Wrestling NWA Hall of Fame.
  • Kurt Kolstad, reknowned drummer for bands delivered from drug addiction to a restored life.
  • J. L. Kraft, (1874-1953) had Mennonite parents & became founder of the Kraft Cheese Corporation...a huge tither.
  • Kristin, felled by encephalitis in 1995, she sees Jesus.
  • Kathryn Kuhlman, famous Christian.


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  • Barbara Mandrell, country musician [do web search].
  • Angel Manfredy, satanic suicidal druggie; now boxing champion. 
  • Sarah Manley, assured by God of her cancer cure.
  • Mickey Charles Mantle, great Yankees baseball slugger finally accepts savior.
  • "Pistol" Pete Maravich, professional basketball of all-time greats!
  • Susan Marcus, tour guide in Israel...son's miracle cure.
  • Noah Markham, tiniest (frozen embryo) survivor of hurricane Katrina (HERE & via CATEGORY).

  • Kirk Martin, "black-metal musician" sold his soul to Satan but encountered the Hound of Heaven (HERE & links to incredible video)!
  • Barry Mayson, former Hell's Angel biker, became minister (now deceased), HERE.

  • story of the McCaughey septuplets.
  • Patrick Cleburne "Clebe" McClary III, Florence, S. C. marine blown up in Vietnam War becomes Christian motivational speaker.

  • John C. Morgan, President George W. Bush impersonator & author of a book on overcoming shyness & fear so as to be who you are called to be, My Life As A Bush: ...and My Heart for Imitating Jesus; his website, HERE. We met him at a gate in the San Antonio airport 6 Oct. 2016.
  • Caspar McCloud, Broadway musician saved and healed of heart failure.
  • Norma McCorvey (1947-2017), Roe vs. Wade subject...abortion; now minister, HERE.
  • John W. McCoy: Sumter man is, by miraculous timing, survivor of brain aneurysm.
  • Cori McDaris, healed from sexual abuse.
  • Josh McDowell, "More Than A Carpenter".
  • "Dr. Phil" Phillip Calvin McGraw, Psychologist TV show host; accepted Christ as savior at age 12.
  • Steve McQueen Hollywood actor finds the answer.
  • Henrietta Mears what one woman can do to change the world.

  • Paula Hodges Miles, having breast cancer turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her!
  • Sara Miles, raised as an atheist.
  • Norm Miller, Chairman of the Board, Interstate Batteries.

  • David C. Mims, Sr.; his life was a regular Christian's quiet ministry to others.

  • Mike Minter, football player for the Carolina Panthers.
  • Jerry Mitchell, he saw "Mississippi Burning" and went on a crusade for murder justice.
  • Dwight Lyman "D. L." Moody, uneducated shoe salesman becomes great evangelist.
  • Charlotte Diggs "Lottie" Moon, holocaust survivor; Christian missionary.
  • Ken Moore, former Viet Nam War Airborne Ranger becomes a missionary.
  • Samuel Morris, African tribe youth comes to America = famous Christian.
  • John D. Mosgrove, former RCAF officer, spent years dealing with demons.

  • Malcolm Muggeridge, brilliant atheist or agnostic, went on a quest to disprove Christianity & became so convince of the truth of Christianity that he became known as "God's Gargoyle", HERE.

  • Jack "Murph the Surf" Murphy, jewel thief now ministers to prisoners.

  • William J. Murray, the son of deceased atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair (the son she used as plaintiff, ban school prayer Supreme Court case) turns to Jesus in 1980 (at age 33) & writes a book. Forensic Files episode #111, "Without a Prayer" is about her 1995 death. [do web search, Netflix, etc.].

  • Dikembe Mutombo - professional basketball player.


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  • Israel Narvaez, Brooklyn gang leader turns to Jesus.
  • Bernard Nathanson, M. D., abortion doctor, Jew, movie & book publisher.
  • Ryan Nece, NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Jeremy Neitz, hero of the Wedgewood Church massacre 15 September 1999.
  • Andrew Nelson- a miracle healing
  • Sgt. Jennifer Denise Nelson, 8th grade teacher and Army defender of the USA.
  • Tracy Nesbit, flesh-eating bacteria survivor.
  • Issac Newton (1642-1726/27), key figure of the Scientific Revolution (HERE & Wikipedia).

  • Rev. John Newton, slave, slave trader, wretch, preacher & hymn writer: "Amazing Grace".
  • Terry Nichols, Oklahoma City bomber co-conspirator...worst case of USA domestic terrorism as of June 2004.
  • Chuck Norris, famous actor, "Walker Texas Ranger", a Christian (Wikipedia).
  • Deborah Norvill - network TV news anchor [do web search].
  • Houston Nutt, God's plan for this college football coach.


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  • Oberammergau, the longest running Passion Play in the world (360+ years!).
  • Rev. [name withheld], athlete, former gang member, former paraplegic, now minister.
  • Jojo de Olivenca, Professional Surfer.
  • Olympic athletes.
  • Stormie Omartian, movie star who "gave up"; found love; now book author.
  • Bill O'Reilly, creator & host of the highly popular O'Reilly Factor on TV.
  • Sherrie Orr, evangelist from dysfunctional family & out of Mormonism.
  • Overcomers Outreach, the story behind the founders (1977, Bob & Pauline ?) and the organization that is responsible for 1000s of support groups related to all sorts of addictions & disorders.
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    • "Manny" Pacquiao, one of greatest boxers of all time

    • Christopher Parkening, famous classical guitarist.
    • Dr. Gary Parker, former advocate of teaching Darwinian evolution...embraces to other testimonies.  

    • Larstella "Star" Irby Parker, black former welfare queen...the way out of the ghetto & street gangs. 
    • Dolly Parton, country musician [do web search].
    • Blaise Pascal, brilliant mathematician and physicist finds Jesus, motes "God-shaped vacuum", & constructs "Pascal's wager".
    • Frank Pastore (atheist who set out to prove no God & converted & wrote book)

    • how Saint Patrick's Day came about & western civilization saved.
    • Paul ? and wife have a website related to getting out of porn & sex addiction.
    • Carly Patterson, 2004 summer Olympics gold medalist womens' gymnastics.
    • Lowell "Bud" Paxxon, founder PAX-TV [do web search].
    • Carlton Pearson, the Gospel of inclusion man.
    • Doug Pederson, Eagles coach for Super Bowl LII win (Wikipedia).

    • James Cash "J. C. " Penny: founder of the JC Penny stores.
    • People Just Like Us: web site with many testimonies of celebrity athletes, actors, authors, and musicians.
    • Edward Perronet: writer of "All Hail the Power".
    • Tyler Perry: Actor, writer, comedian.
    • Peter's Deliverance - From Crack Addict to Successful Business Owner.
    • Andy Pettitte, professional baseball player [do web search].
    • Kyle Petty, Racing for the son

    • Gene & Jean Phillips, missionaries...ASAP prayer-chain activation  halts rape & murder of missionaries in Africa.
    • Don Piper, 1989 head-on wreck, pronounced dead but lives...700 Club...wrote book about being in heaven: see videos.
    • Col. Phillip R. Pittman, was involved with Operation White Coat, which used religious Conscientious Objectors to test regarding dealing with germ warfare risks and vaccination. My classmate, Robert T. "Ted" Hussey worked under Col. Pittman (who was the Mississippi son of a black sharecroper who took "ladders of opportunity" that lead to a Harvard education, etc., and is a Christian).

    • Leonard Pitts, Jr., black Miami Herald newspaper columnist.

    • Dawndy Mercer Plank, of WIS-TV; fine Christian & suffers divorce [do web search].
    • Charlie Plumb, motivational speaker, former Vietnam P. O. W.
    • David Pollack, NFL Cincinnati Bengals.

    • Elena Popkov, miraculously survives, sucked into storm drain in flash flood (short video interview)
    • Kirsten A. Powers, media commentator snagged by The Hound of Heaven.
    • Margaret Fishback Powers, author of poem, [one set of] "Footprints".
    • Rev. Paul Powers, teenage murderer with abusive childhood.

    • Benny Prasad, an Indian immigrant who almost resorted to suicide, found Jesus, and is with amazing skill at the panflute & guitar; Wikipedia; YouTube.  

    • Power of Prayer series, WIS TV, channel 10, Columbia, S. C.
    • Elvis Presley, singer [do web search; an example]
    • Jenna Presley, porn star [joined XXX Church]
    • Mark Price - former professional basketball player.
    • Robert B. Price, Sr., sends 1390 birthday cards per year.
    • Frankie Puckett, cancer elevated her relationship with God.
    • Albert Pujols, MLB player for the St. Louis Cardinals. 


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    • Racers For Christ: Christian Ministry To Motor Racing Community.

    • Garland Ramsey, founder of His House ministry in central South Carolina.
    • Norman Rasmussen, God repairs a war torn, alcohol damaged life to produce an excellent ministry
      collection of testimonies & web help (see link).

    • Julie Reagan, could hardly talk at age 30 & now has her master's degree...cerebral palsy miracle.
    • Ronald Wilson Reagan, (1911-2004) 40th President of the USA.
    • Rebecca delivered from crack cocaine in 1998.
    • Michael Redd, NBA Milwaukee Bucks.
    • John Fletcher Redman, M. D., top urologist in Arkansas wasn't going to be a weakling Christian.
    • Della Reese, singer & actor, "Touched by an Angel", a Christian.
    • Dan Reeves, professional football coach.
    • Frank Reich, QB engineered the greatest college and NFL come backs in history.
    • Florinette Renfrow, 2002 South Carolina mother of the year.
    • Mary Lou Retton, former gymnastics Olympic Gold Medalis (scroll to "athletes, other".
    • Matias Reyes, convicted murderer coverts and confesses to God and the police.
    • Anne Rice, former author of dark-side & vampire books now spreading light.
    • Condoleeza Rice, PhD., a black, Southern "steel magnolia" & US Secretary of State 2005.
    • Robert Clinton "Bobby" Richardson, South Carolinians become Yankee lovers in 1955.
    • Mark Richt, UGA head football coach...a "higher calling".
    • Rev. David Ring, born in 1953 with severe cerebral palsy, popular speaker since 1973.

    • Mayor W. M. "Mac" Rish, multiple myeloma cure, West Columbia, S. C.
    • Mariano Rivera, MLB New York Yankees.
    • Brian Roberts, MLB Baltimore Orioles.
    • David Robinson - professional basketball player.
    • Eugene Robinson, professional football player [do web search].
    • Beth Robles, faces breast cancer...sees God on a higher plain.
    • J.D. Rockefeller, Sr.  said, "I never would have been able to tithe the first million dollars I ever made if I had not tithed my first salary, which was $1.50 per week."
    • Danny Rogers, "My slogan was 'a friend with weed is a friend indeed' ".
    • Fred Rogers, actor, "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood", ordained minister.
    • Roy Rogers, cowboy movie and TV star [do web search]. 

    • J. K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter series..suicidal at age 30, (brief video-bio) HERE and (religion) HERE; turned her life around and now worth billions.


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    • Kamal Saleem, Lebanese Muslim terrorist at age 7 & now for Jesus
    • Samuel, A Testimony of Samuel.
    • Frankie San, ministered in prison @ dreaded CCI 40 yrs.
    • Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez, mixed martial artist with the UFC.
    • Barry Sanders, greatest NFL football running back.
    • Deion Sanders, professional football and baseball player [do web search].
    • Salvation Army, story behind it.
    • Francis Schaeffer, theologian and thinker, he successfully challenged the secularists [do web search].

    • "Terri" Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo: ignites national controversy over "persistent vegetative state", HERE.
    • Charles Monroe Schultz, "Peanuts" cartoonist

    • John Schneider, actor, "The Dukes of Hazzard".
    • Dr. Suzy Schwab, established a non-profit mobile free medical clinic, MedMission.
    • Joseph Scriven, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" hymn writer (1855), coming out of despair.
    • Will Seagraves, for a long time drugs won, until God took command in an addict's life [do web search].
    • William Joseph Seymour, famous Christian [do web search].
    • David Shaw, a Mennonite experience.
    • Ervin Shaw, M. D. and a doctor friend's story of alcoholic son & another friend's gift of speaking in tongues.
    • Gifford Shaw, of Sumter, S. C.: terrorism in flight (2000) over Kenya.
    • John L. Sherrill, an author skeptic investigates "speaking in tongues" (about 1980).
    • Phillip Simmons, 92 year old expert & acclaimed wrought iron black smith artist.
    • A. B. Simpson [do web search].
    • A. B. Skelton, a quiet and effective personal witness in Greenville, S. C.
    • Pete Smoak, miracle rattle snake bite survivor (2000), Branchville, S. C.
    • John Smoltz, professional baseball player [do web search].
    • Ashley Smith, heroine in the Brian Nichols shooting spree of March 2005.
    • Rev. Chuck Smith, founder (1970's) Calvary Chapel Church, California.
    • Emmitt Smith, professional football player [do web search].
    • Lovie Smith, NFL Chicago Bears.

    • Robert Anthony "Tony" Snow (1955-2008), a wonderful man and first host of Fox News Sunday, HERE.
    • the Souper Bowl, national event, football Super Bowl time, of Columbia, S. C. 1990...became national.
    • Horatio G. Spafford, Chicago hymn writer (1873)..."It is Well With My Soul": hymn's story told. 
    • Tanya Sparks, a preacher's wife gets saved.
    • Kenny Speer, a gifted singer who loves to share his music with others.

    • Jordan A. Spieth, an amazing young world champion professional golfer.
    • Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, great preacher in London in 1800s.
    • Stacey, drug addict finds hope.
    • Paul Stankowski, pro golfer [do web search].
    • Jeffery Stanley- He Was Carrying A Cross...
    • Danielle Steele, author [do web search].
    • Eric Stetson, Christian Universalism testimonies link page.
    • Lee Strobel, atheistic superstar investigative reporter converts (1981) to Jesus belief and is popular author defending Christianity.
    • James M. "Jimmy" Stewart, (1908-1997) famous actor was a devout believer. 

    • Ted Stone, of Durham, N. C.; thief & almost murderer; alcohol & drug addict; transcontinental walker (1997-2000); seminary Board member.

    • Howard Storm, aggressively atheist professor converts (here) after hellish NDE & writes books & movie being made.

    • Daryl Strawberry, black professional baseball great.
    • Sofia Subonj, protected by God during assault.
    • Donnie Sumner, Gaither Gospel singer.
    • Rev. Billy Sunday, greatest evangelist of early 1900s.

    • Dabo Swinney (was born William Christopher Swinney. His older brother, Tripp, started calling him "That Boy," which became "Dabo," the name by which he has been known his entire life), famous Clemson University football coach has an incredible Christian life story, HERE & (following Clemson national championship win) HERE


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    • Joni Eareckson Tada, broke her neck...quadriplegic for Jesus; her web site [here].
    • Stanley Tam, of United States Plastic Corp., reversed his tithe and gives 90% to God [do web search].
    • Tim Tebow, college football star & 2007 Heisman Trophy winner (Wikipedia, HERE).
    • Brianna Temple, drowned & back to life, Columbia, S. C.
    • John Templeton, famous founder of the Templeton mutual funds.
    • Testimony collection websites, a group listing here.
    • Testimony links page.

    • Dave Thomas, founder, Wendy's [do web search].
    • Steve Thomas , began the Groom, Texas Cross, one of the largest (190 feet tall) Christian crosses in North America just off I-40 & surrounded by welded statues personally made.

    • Carlton Thompson, a Columbia, S. C. male nurse is an arch USC gamecock basketbal fan known as "Gamecock Jesus" and usually wears a tee shirt with the message, BELIEVE. I don't know for sure if he is Christian, but he certainly has countless fans aware of the name of Jesus. Google Gamecock Jesus.

    • Marianne Tutalo, pop singer, bulemia miracle cure.
    • This Man Called Jesus Christmas-time live drama, Lake Murray Baptist Church, S. C.
    • Rev. Dr. George Thomasson of Texarkana, Arkansas, alcoholic parents (born about 1943).
    • Eva Threatt, cured of abdominal carcinomatosis about 1950, Greenville, S. C.
    • J. R. R. Tolkien, author, The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings [do web search].
    • LaDainian Tomlinson, outstanding pro football running back.
    • A. W. Tozer, prolific author [do web search].
    • Randy Travis, country singer [do web search].
    • Karla Faye Tucker, murderer; 1st capital punishment (1998) female death in Texas.
    • Ted Turner, a wealthy, backslidden Christian?
    • David Tyree, NFL New York Giants. 


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    • Paul M Umbaugh III, facing a lot of surgery, but did not to lose heart. He kept his faith in God, HERE.

    • Under God: America...under God or not?

    • Unknown, The Big Wheel Angels made our Christmas, HERE.

    • Unknown, Gamblers' Beware.
    • Unknown mechanic in Chapin, S. C.: he has the courage to care.
    • "Unshackled", radio's longest running testimony series of lives changed by Jesus. 


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    • Gov. & Lt. Gen. Lew Wallace, Ben Hur.
    • Walid, Jihad to Christ.
    • Herschel Walker, NFL football player and MMA fighter.
    • Terry Wallis recovers in 2006 from 20 years (at first in a coma) in a "minimally conscious state". [Google search]
    • Sam Walton, founder, Walmart [do web search].
    • Kurt Warner, pro football player.
    • J. R. Walters, M. D., artery aneurysm stroke of 2002 thwarted...miraculous timing health miracle in Irmo, S. C.
    • Anna B. Warner, composer of words to "Jesus Loves Me".
    • George Washington - U.S. President.
    • J. C. Watts, U. S. Congressman.
    • Essie Mae Washington-Williams, black daughter of white US Sen. James Strom Thurmond of Edgefield, S. C.
    • Tony Watcher, of Sumter, colon cancer.
    • Buddy Waters, freely gives so much in Greer, S. C.
    • Ethel Waters, famous Christian [do web search].

    • Benjamin Watson, NFL player (Wikipedia); his book.

    • Wayne, shares his testimony.  Former alcoholic & drug addict who was ready to commit suicide.
    • The story of Noah Webster, Bible teacher and author of America's first dictionary.
    • Thomas B. Welch, M.D., (1825-1903) Welch Grape Juice Company founder a devout believer [do web search].
    • Chris Wells, he wants to talk with those who practice Wicca witch craft.
    • Charles Wesley [do web search].
    • John Wesley [do web search].
    • Susanna Wesley [do web search].
    • Carl E. West, 41 year old's death in 2002 began a West Columbia, S. C. church.
    • Lisa Whelchel, "Facts of Life" TV star.
    • evangelist Roger Whipp, "from cop to Christ", London England...he "okayed" turning off life support for his Christian wife; they flipped the "off " switch & she started breathing!!
    • Reggie White, (1961-2004)all-pro football player, once NFL all-time leader in sacks...became a preacher.
    • Evan Whitlock, prayers &auto wreck recovery.
    • H. A. Maxwell Whyte, minister of deliverance from demonic possession.
    • Hattie May Wiatt, the little girl who left 57 cents when she died & it became Temple University.
    • Bill Wiese, see his book "23 Minutes in Hell" about his going to Hell and see videos @
    • Rev. David Wilkerson, loved New York street gangsters to Jesus & The Cross and the Switchblade tells it all...visit his church in Times Square.
    • Marijohn Wilkin, great country & gospel song writer ("One Day at a Time")...what a story!
    • Gerri Willis, Fox Business News commentator about her breast cancer turning out to be a blessing!

    • Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.
    • Ron Winans - I Shall Not Die But Live
    • Frank Wise, Seneca, S. C., black & gets white preacher's bone marrow...true black & white compatibility.
    • Brian Wofford, ABC's home edition Extreme Makeover.
    • Carlos Wood, pastored Joel Baptist Church for 33+ years.
    • Maria B. Woodworth-Etter, famous Christian [do web search].
    • F. W. Woolworth, founder of the old Woolworth dime stores, was a famous tither [do web search].

    •  "Word Power" amazing true stories on radio by the Bible League.
    • "Word to Live By" true stories collection by Radio Bible Conference.

    •  "Worldwide Challenge" magazines testimony collection.

    • Justin Wren, from druggie to MMA fighter to missionary (HERE) to pygmies in Africa
    • William Wrigley Jr., (1862-1932) founder of Wrigley chewing gum & famous for tithing [do web search].
    • Richard Wurmbrand imprisoned 14 years for being a Christian pastor, is founder of The Voice of the Martyrs
    • story of WWJD..."What would Jesus do?"


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    • Jay Yelas, triple-crown winning bass fishing champ.
    • Y______, plucked from a pirate-infested sea in 1980s.

    • Alvin York: conscientous objector drafted and becomes famous WWI medal of honor awardee!
    • Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a founding leader of Hamas says "Islam is a very dark theory". He converted to non-denominational Christianity in 1999.
    • Ma Yuqin, tortured (in 2002) & persecuted in China & wouldn't break.

    • Louis "Louie" Zamperini (died July 2014), a never-give-up olympian, military hero, alcoholic & broken man is subject of the CFS sufferer, Laura Hillenbrand, book & the subsequent movie, "Unbroken", and finds a real life in Christ (do a web search).
    • Ravi Zacharias (1966-present): East Indian Hindu becomes a great defender of Jesus.
    • Zig Ziggler (1926-2012): motivational speaker.
    • ?. ?., around-the-world bone marrow transplant.


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