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Will That Visit Lead to a Changed Life?

I well remember moving from one area of our county to another in about 1985. After several years, our son started attending a young teens church group with a neighbor family. About 6 months later, we decided to check out the Presbyterian church. But the family had switched to Northside Baptist Church where my sister-in-law was a member. I remember feeling "antsy" about going to that church...I think I was afraid of Baptists. Maybe in the back of my mind I thought they were too serious and excited about "religion".

We went to church and enjoyed it, and attended Sunday school with my sister-in-law. She told us that, "By the way, they have prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings and go out to visit the visitors afterward." That scared me for some reason; so, I reacted angrily that I resented drop-in visits without notice. To my current shame, we made sure that we were away from home every Wednesday evening. But, about 6 months later, we slipped up and forgot to "be away". We had become semi-regular visitor attendees of Northside by that time. There was a knock on the door, and it was a man (Bill Gunnells) my wife recognized as a teacher she remembered from her high school days. AND, he was a visitor from the church. CAUGHT!! We had been lovingly and cordially drawn into that church...that local body of believers...already, by that time.

I still feel too uncomfortable about visitation to be an active participant. My own past negative feelings and the imagined hearing of all those angry (and joyless?) voices condemning Christians for "wanting to shove their beliefs down my throat!". But, note the testimony story, below, in which the visit lead to a great positive life change.

Would you enjoy knowing that you had been used of the Holy Spirit to initiate such a difference in a life? [Ervin Shaw, 25 Feb. 2002]

I am a subscriber to the Baptist Courier, and I can't wait for it to come. I enjoy it so much, and I am learning a lot by reading it. I read everything in it, and I have been so enlightened about so many things. I have been reading "Tapestry" by Deb Weaver, and I really enjoy that column.

I was born in a very small town where everyone knew each other. I graduated from high school with all of my friends. When I got married, my husband and I moved to a large city. I was so lonely and became homesick and cried a lot. When my husband was at work, I felt so alone; and my family was so far away.

One cold winter morning when I was feeling very sorry for myself, someone knocked at the door. I couldn't imagine who it could be, since I didn't know anyone. When I answered the door, there was a young lady and a young man. I was glad to see anyone. I invited them in, and they told me they were members of a local Baptist church inviting people to visit their church. I was not a Christian. I knew about God, and we had a blessing at the table; and that was about it.

We had a nice visit and they said they would pick me up on Sunday morning. But I told them I would find the church, not intending to go. But something kept telling me that I needed to go. I could at least meet some people and I wouldn't be so lonely.

On Sunday morning I did go, and everyone was friendly. The singing was beautiful, and I enjoyed meeting the people. They treated me like I was one of them. The preacher told us about God loving each one of us personally and that he died on the cross so that we could be saved from our sins. That was news to me. He gave the plan of salvation so beautifully I could hardly keep my seat. I wanted to go forward. When he gave the invitation, I decided to wait until another Sunday. I told my husband about what I had heard.

I had a Bible and I looked up scriptures that the preacher talked about. I could hardly wait for the next Sunday so I could go forward and ask this Jesus to come into my heart and life. That was the happiest day of my life.

I was baptized after that. I wanted to start telling people about Jesus right then. I wanted everyone to find what I had found. I wasn't lonely any more. I had Jesus in my heart and many Christian friends.

I started teaching Sunday School and have been teaching for 40 years. My life was turned completely around because some people cared enough to visit me and invite me to church.
Margaret King, North Charleston, S.C.

story taken from The Baptist Courier 131 (18):3, 2 Sept. 1999

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