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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Carl E. West:

Carl was born about 1961 in Beaumont, Texas. I don't know his conversion story.

We went for a late breakfast at Terry's Diner on Leaphart road in West Columbia, S. C. on 24 January 2004. Mr. Bill Hook, our acquaintance of a number of years, came over and joined us to wish us a happy new year. One thing lead to another in conversation; then he mentioned that his grand-daughter Holly was doing really well as a 22 year-old singer and might be close to getting a big-time break.

Then he remembered his deceased son-in-law, Carl West. Carl owned Timberman Tree Service and died the summer of 2002. He was 30 feet up a tree that turned out to be rotten below ground; it fell, and Carl died of the effects within an hour (24 July 2002).

A young Romanian pastor with First Baptist Church of Lexington preached the funeral. Carl is said to have often given a Christian witness to people for whom he'd done tree work. A number of former customers showed up at his funeral. At the end of the funeral, the pastor gave an alter-call invitation for those who did not know Jesus and who wanted to follow Jesus to come forward. Surprisingly, 6-8 came forward. As it eventually turned out, this group of converts (from as far away as 30 miles) became the nucleus who followed the pastor into the planting of a new church called Lighthouse Christian Center which has been on Platt Springs Road in West Columbia, S. C.

Out of Carl telling others of his hope in Jesus, Carl's death caused a funeral which was the focal point for the salvation of 6-8 previous non-believers! Carl's life made a difference in this world as he was a quiet warrior on the side of Jesus...using ordinary circumstances to pass on the good news of Jesus to others.

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(posted 24 January 2004) 


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