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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Danny Rogers:

Danny Rogers lived every day of his young life according to that slogan until the day his dad discovered his "stash." His drug addiction began in the eighth grade. Danny's desire for acceptance by his peers and his fear of failure compelled him to stay high at all costs. "I didn't feel normal unless I was high," says Danny. "I really didn't. When I had a free moment, I was usually scheming, planning how I could get high, somewhere, somehow, on anything."

And Danny's self-centered existence created lots of opportunities for conflict at home.

"I'd get frustrated, and I'd express it in rage, anger and rage. I would get mad at my father, really mad, usually because he wouldn't let me do something I wanted to do; and I would just go run. I'd run down the street as hard as I could," says Danny.

By age 17, Danny's dad had had enough and shipped his son off to marine boot camp. He did fine physically, but the mental part drove him to continue the addiction...even growing his own weed in a locker.

He was almost killed in a wreck & in a coma for 2 1/2 months. The long recovery phase gave him plenty of time to think.

Gospel tracts in bars: "God had been chasing me for a long time," Danny says. "I'd be in bars and people would walk up and hand me a tract, a gospel tract, just a little story about the Lord and how to get saved. Happened to me a lot of times, and it was really beginning to freak me out."

Physically, Danny made a full recovery. But it wasn't until he faced a judge over a bar fight that he really got scared.

A deal with God: "I'm walking up the steps of the courthouse," he says, "and, literally, at the last moment, I looked up and I said, 'God, if You are real, get me out of this and I'll straighten my life out. I'll try to find You because I know what I'm doing wrong-I'm intelligent; I'm not stupid.' The guy just didn't show up for court. The judge called me up and said, 'Mr. Rogers, you're walking today, but don't ever show up in my court again.' I went down the steps of that courthouse knowing God was real."

A short time later, a friend recommended that Danny go visit a guy who had once been an addict himself. This time Danny was ready to accept the advice the man had to offer.

"I asked Frank, 'What does God want me to do? He's been after me for a long time. What does He want me to do?' Frank just looked up and grinned and said, 'He just wants you to get saved, receive Jesus. He wants you to change your life.' "

That day Danny fell to his knees and cried out to God to save him from his sins.

Peace comes: "The peace that I was looking for, that I was searching so frantically for, that I thought drugs could provide, when I met Jesus, I realized this is the real thing, this is what I was looking for all along," says Danny. "I didn't think it could be that easy opening my heart to God, but it was."

God has made some wonderful changes in Danny as the years have gone by. Not only did God forgive his sins, but He set him free from years of addiction.

"He did a miracle. He literally did a miracle," he proclaims. "That's the reason why I'm here. I would not be here if it weren't for God. I know that. That's one reason why I pursue Him with such passion, with such reckless abandonment. I'm going after God."

Today you can see the excitement and passion Danny has for his Savior as he weekly talks with teens about the God he serves.

"My message to everyone is just give it a chance. If you're looking for peace, there's somewhere you can find fulfillment. There's somewhere you can find peace. There's a hole inside us that's God shaped. You'll never know your true fulfillment, and you'll never know the peace that you could've had, until you open your heart to God."


I saw or found this testimony on the 700 Club TV program or website. For more info, drop the name into the search engine on the 700 Club website. Every day the 700 Club program has wonderfully inspiring stories/testimonies of the great peace and fulfillment that has come when people have turned their lives over and trusted in the saving power of Jesus...try watching it!

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(posted 17 August 2004)


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