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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


John Gavazzoni:

Having learned of John through Kurt Kolstad, I emailed John; and here is a combination of what he and Kurt said at about that time.

John: "Christ opened my heart to Himself as a 16 year old teenager, having been raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. My conversion came about mostly through the witness of other teen-agers, including some in the gang I ran with."

Kurt: He is an X-Pastor of a church in Thousand Oaks, Ca. He used to travel with Youth For Christ, the organization for which Billy Graham was the first itinerant evangelist...and was very well know in the camps of the BIG TIME preachers around the country. He came into the truth long ago and is a brilliant theologian and has some great insights. Many writings are posted HERE.

More from John:

"Four of us organized a quartette almost immediately after we had turned to the Lord; and we sang, gave our testimonies and took turns preaching in churches and youth rallies all over...particularly the Pennsylvania area. I preached my first sermon that same year. I began in 'full time ministry' at age 19, traveling with a chalk-artist evangelist as his song-man and youth speaker. About two years after that, I went out on my own conducting local church evangelistic crusades and eventually was asked to join the Eastern Area Crusade Staff of Youth for Christ International, covering an eleven-states area. It was during that period that I came to the revelation of ultimate reconciliation, specifically while ministering at a summer Bible conference.

"I was confronted by God suddenly and very unexpectedly while I was musing about sermons I'd preached on eternal hell. I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, 'Do you really believe that about me?' In an instant, the answer leaped out of my spirit, 'No I don't Lord.' I more or less carried this truth in my heart for many years...enjoying what it meant to me in my relationship with our Heavenly Father. It wasn't until I was co-pastoring a church here in Thousand Oaks, Calif. that there were some occasions when I felt that I just had to be upfront about my conviction with several people.

"One of the elders of the church became very upset and demanded that I either repent of that 'heresy' or be dismissed as pastor. Of course, I could not deny what God has shown me...even for the sake of 'unity'. So, I was relieved of my pastorate and declared a heretic by letter to all the evangelical churches in the area.

"After doing some leading of home meetings, I eventually went into sales work to support my family, until years later, the Lord began to release me to ministry again through writing mostly at first, and then to speaking at conferences and churches which embraced the truth of the salvation of all.

"That is a short version of this servants walk in the Way, and pretty much brings you up to date. In case you might be interested in joining us, I will follow up this e-mail with an announcement of the 4th conference in a series that is planned for every area of the country. I hope our paths cross one of these days. I look forward to meeting you in person."

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(posted 14 March 2005; latest update 29 April 2006)


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