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These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


T. L.:

I read about him in a Spring 2005 newsletter from the Jesus Film Project.

On teaching-breaks from his job in Southern California, he backpacks in Muslim countries. He says that Jesus gave him a vision to be involved in the issue of persecuted Christians after his first trip to Nigeria.

After the 2004 tsunami disaster, he was in Aceh Province at the northern tip of Sumatra in Indonesia. He was suddenly surrounded by about 20 Muslims asking what he thought of the tsunami. He said, "On behalf of the American people, I offer my condolences. I'm very sad for the loss." They looked at him very intently and then said, "We think Allah did it." They think Allah is angry because the Muslim people there have been too harsh in killing Christians & Buddhists...the Muslim agenda being so non-peaceful and focused on killing & terror. They are searching for answers.

His wife, Gayle, stays home while he travels. They have no children. During his trips, the Holy Spirit directs him away from areas of high risk. “I have complete faith God will guide my steps,” Livingston says. “He changes my plans when I’m in danger and tells me to leave towns,” he says. “As I’m walking down a street if a crowd gets hostile God always leaves an open door—He always gets me out of there safely.”

“He literally tells me, ‘You’re in danger in this town. You need to leave right now.’” Livingston has escaped a few tight situations. “I always feel God’s angels are with me,” he says. “In close calls, God provided locals to help protect me from people who meant me harm.”

Persecution: International Christian Concern (I did not find a T. L. website on the date of posting this testimony) is a Christian Persecution website; and his courage in trying to help people reminds me of some friends of ours as well as another testimony. There are other internet postings about him (use your favorite search engine).

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(posted 26 March 2005; update 27 June 2016)


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