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These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


H. A. Maxwell Whyte (1908-1988):

As I did a web search (8 March 2002) on exorcism of demons, I ran into a few names and ministries; & I found out just a little bit on this man, born about 1920. He was a deliverance minister with a Pentecostal background from Canada & has written (among several books) A Manual on Exorcism

Modified from the website1: "Maxwell Whyte was born on May 3, 1908 in London, England. As a child he was raised in a nominally Christian home in which church attendance was encouraged. Raised as a Presbyterian, Maxwell was strongly influenced by the godly pastor of his boyhood parish, and at age sixteen, he made a commitment to the Lord, although his level of understanding of what this decision meant was meager indeed. After completing his education at Dulwich College in London, Maxwell entered the business world as a representative of the Anglo-American Oil Company, and even during the depression years, he enjoyed a measure of success that was the envy of many during those years of economic stress. On June 8, 1934, Maxwell married Olive Hughes in St. Paul's Anglican Church in the London suburb of Beckenham. It was in this peaceful residential area that Maxwell and Olive rejoiced in their comfortable lifestyle, their solid marriage, and the birth of their first two sons, David and Michael. All was going well for this successful and happy couple until son David became seriously ill. In fear that their son might be taken from them, Olive and Maxwell cried out to the Lord in desperation, and they were both dramatically affected when God restored David to good health.

"Shortly after this experience, Maxwell was invited by a colleague to attend a small charismatic meeting in Croydon on the outskirts of London. There for the first time, he witnessed the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and saw a group of people whose relationship with the Lord was one of vitality not in keeping with religious tradition. Maxwell's life was never the same again as he was truly converted, baptized in water, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and miraculously set free from a smoking habit, all within a few weeks.

Sovereignly led by the Holy Spirit into an understanding of demonic activity and spiritual warfare, Maxwell Whyte embarked on a spiritual journey in ministry that was fraught with uncertainty and an absence of familiar landmarks. Despite great opposition, he forged ahead in the battle against the forces of Satan, convinced that the ministry of deliverance was scripturally based and was being restored to the church in his day. He was active in Toronto and had a summer cottage on Lake Simcoe 50 miles north. He was an officer in WWII in the British Royal Air Force as a communications officer; he continued in life as a "HAM radio" operator. John and Shirley Mosgrove had a deliverance ministry in Ottawa, Canada until near the end of December 2005 (retired); John talked with Maxwell about 1980 and contacted me in 10/05.

HELP NOW: John knows Glen Miller who runs a deliverance ministry (founded by him and Erma...deceased) through Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (Face Book page) in Hot Springs, Arkansas; and they are elsewhere by web search and on You Tube.

More from that website1: "The year was 1939, and to be a charismatic in those days was not a popular place for a Christian to be! At the outbreak of World War II, Maxwell entered the Royal Air Force as a signals officer, where his life-long interest in amateur radio was put to use in setting up defense communications. During his six-and-a-half years of military service, Maxwell spent many long hours studying the Bible, convinced that one day he would enter into full-time ministry. In 1946 after his discharge from the RAF, Maxwell returned to his business career only to leave it a few months later to prepare for the ministry. After several months of intensive training and prayer, Maxwell answered the call to emigrate to Toronto, Canada, to be pastor of the United Apostolic Faith Church, a small congregation that had been without a pastor for several years. So it was in April of 1947 that Maxwell and Olive Whyte and their family of three boys (Stephen was born a few months after the war) arrived in Canada to take up the responsibility of leading a group of a dozen or so believers who made up the fledgling congregation in Toronto. The first few years in Toronto were not easy for the Whytes. They lived in cramped quarters on little income, and in 1952 a fourth son, John, was born. The boys adjusted well to their new environment and soon became full-fledged Canadians. For over three decades, Maxwell faithfully served as pastor to this church. He witnessed the transformation of the small band of worshippers as God built them into a thriving group of believers who held to the charismatic truths of the Bible. In 1948, while Maxwell was dealing with one of his parishioners who suffered from chronic asthma and another who was suicidal, God sovereignly directed him into an understanding of the reality of spiritual warfare and deliverance. This revelation catapulted Maxwell into a ministry that drew attention from many corners of the world.

"Whyte had a commanding countenance and a stentorian voice, which was especially awesome when raised against the devil and his demons. He had a big, soft heart, and he loved Jesus. He was a pioneer in this generation in recognizing that "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12), and he has carried the battle right to the enemy's doorstep. He had faith enough to believe that God would confirm His "word with signs following" (Mark 16:20). In the powerful name of Jesus, he has proclaimed liberty to the captives and opened the prisons for those who were bound (Isaiah 61:1). For more than forty years, he ministered worldwide to the downcast and brokenhearted and led the way in the ministry of the powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit, ministering in many countries of the world on five continents. At the same time, he authored at least eighteen booklets dealing with the workings of God in the present charismatic outpourings of the Spirit. Hundreds of letters have told of healings and deliverances of those who have read his writings, believed, and were blessed."

The internet search words to search for testimonies in this area are: demonic possession, demons, satanic, Satanism, exorcism, deliverance ministries. Other names are Dr. Rebecca Brown, Derek Prince, Don Basham, & Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. [and see this about demons]

Pleasant Valley Church (Pastor Henry W. Wright) [now called "Hope of the Generations" in Georgia operates a widely know deliverance ministry which has cured many persons from demonically controlled illnesses...I know because my close friend, Diane, has been involved there, beginning as an intern in 2004.

If there is any possibility that your life is being messed up by demonic influences, rest assured that there is help available.


The web site is no longer available; I can't find much at all on Whyte on-line. Wikipedia has a discussion of "demonic possession, HERE.

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(posted in 2001; latest addition 24 December 2005)


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