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Demons & Demonic Possession of a Person

If you believe that the Bible is true, then you must consider the truth of Satan, demons, and evil spirits & that they can & do affect a person's life. There is even a progression that sets a person up, THE EVIL WOLF). On a person becoming evil, you would be amazed by the following definition of evil, how common evil is right in your very own community. It is clearly & repeatedly attested to in the Bible. One can be  demon-influenced, be subjected to demon attacks, and/or (much more rarely) become demon possessed. For several weeks prior to posting this page, I had been concerned about a particular person in regards to demon possession; I heard from a third party that the person had told them, "I wonder if I have a demon." Note Mark 1: 21-28. For us moderns, is the reality of "demonics" spiritual or is such stuff actually just mental illness? In the end, what counts is that Jesus can rescue a person whatever the reality is (check Kirk Martin's example in Hound of Heaven list, HERE)!

Good vs. evil:

There is a world-wide recognition of the tension between right & wrong, good & bad, darkness & light, and good & evil. Sin is anything that tends to separate or distance a person from God. And sin "opens the door" to demonic/bad/wrong/dark influence/evil.

Where is your protection?

Don't underestimate the power of Satan and his workers...especially if you are not a Jesus believer and indwelt with a much stronger protective power: God's Holy Spirit. "...He who is in you [the Holy Spirit] is greater than he [Satan/demonic agents] who is in the world" (1 John 4:4). Without that indwelling power, you are a sitting duck as to evil influences. And with the power of Jesus and the incoming of the Holy Spirit to help with the rest of your life in this world on coming to true belief, one has the potential of being your own deliverance minister. But the battle never ends and is a tough one even for the Spirit-indwelt believer. Why? Because the "mind" is, in a fallen humanity, a rebellious member of your body and unwilling to consistently & constantly pay attention to the "leadings" toward righteous living.

My introduction to demonics:

About 1999, I met a couple at the Columbia Metro Airport (Columbia, S. C.) who had been drawn into a personal Christian ministry of helping people get rid of demons possessing their lives. Wanting to contact them in 2002, I e-mailed my best missionary friend for the address; and he sent two e-mails which are the basis for this page. Another minister sent the 3rd e-mail in 2011. Both have extensive expertise & background in dealing with persons caught up in "the dark side".

Satan = patient, persistent, persuasive & powerful LIAR:

Don't underestimate the power of Satan to both attack you with his spirits & demons and/or make you completely self-centered. Satan urges us to live for today...don't stop to consider future consequences & don't delay any gratification. (By the way, I personally underwent my first "demon attack"...30 July 2004...that I've ever been aware of while on family vacation. From about 2-5 AM, I was bombarded by some of the most negative thinking and bad feelings that I could was a very surprising experience and quite a disturbing experience which I carefully & trustingly shared with my wife, with much relief!...but, I can't even remember it in 2018)

Inviting demonic influences...self-inflicted injury:

I saw it noted in an article by Susan Graham Mathis in the Focus on the Family (FOF) magazine ( her current page HERE), various "new age" activities can inadvertently tap into...or actually open...doors for alien and dangerous spiritual realms. If you tend to believe in omens, luck (lucky rings, etc), superstitions (even religious ones such as allowing the numeral 666 to frighten you), horoscopes, or fortune cookies, you are (unintentionally) acknowledging/granting power to some thing other than God. Even being willing to place total hope for a favorable medical outcome on a physician or political outcome on a political leader can represent an invitation to the forces of evil who see that as evidence that you do NOT finally hinge your hope on God. Some religions invite Satan in, unintentionally. Such deceptions possibly go mixed in such as yoga, transcendental meditation and a long list detailed with her article. Chuck Colson (died 2012) warned of this also [Break Point website...but I cannot find the article as of 8/07]. See Stephen J. Vattimo's testimony and some others via HERE.

Satan can fill us with distractions. And he'll especially do it if you are crippled by: mental imbalances, psychological injuries, personal addictions, or overwhelming personal (personal, family or job) pressures. In January of 2004, I heard of Chris Well's concern for those who have actually chosen demonic witchery as a religion (Wicca & others). But there is a way below!

Becoming delivered of demonic influence:

HELP NOW: John Mosgrove knows Glen Miller who runs a deliverance ministry (founded by him and Erma...deceased) through Lake Hamilton Bible Camp (Face Book page) in Hot Springs, Arkansas; and they are elsewhere by web search and on You Tube.

The more a person has previously given over to the demonic realm, the more important it is for rescue that a person decide to completely give his/her life over to Jesus Christ. Sell out completely to Jesus! As noted above, the Holy Spirit will then indwell you and be the power source for delivering you from the demonic. In may also help...sometimes tremendously...if you have helpful human guides. Believers and official ministers gifted to help people become delivered from the demonic realm are "out there". For example, Pleasant Valley Church [now named Hope of the Generations] in Georgia operates a widely known deliverance ministry via Henry Wright which has cured many persons from demonically controlled illnesses...I know because my friends, D. & C., were involved there as interns & staff beginning in 2004 to about 2008.

And, check the story of Todd Beezly...scroll to his name here. And Maxwell Whyte's story here. And John Mosgrove's story here. A table is here.


7 October 2002:

Hey Doc!

Warm greetings! Demonic possession and/or influence is real. The Bible has much to say about it, especially warning us as believers to be on the alert -(Eph 6:10-18; I Peter 5:8; John 10:10)- some texts that immediately come to mind.

Living disobediently or unbelievingly to God's Word, allowing our flesh to control us (rather than the Holy Spirit), and giving the devil a foothold in whatever form are usually how [Jesus]-believers [Christians] get into trouble. For the lost person [unsaved...not truly a Jesus believer & born again], there is no defense. [get saved now] The sinful heart combined with the power of the "evil one" render an unbeliever powerless to live free of Satan's hold.

The craziness of the world is a daily testimony to Satan's power over the individual and world without Christ. There, but for God's grace, were we at one time too.

In the last 10-12 years, a whole "pop culture" has sprung up in the [Christian] church on the topic of "demonic" possession/influence etc. There are volumes of books on it, a few helpful and balanced, most extreme even to the point of dangerous, but "all" claiming to be Bible based "how to" for dealing with demons. [Dealing in daily ministry with this topic,] I have found most of this stuff to be hogwash - Scripture taken out of context and all kinds of "strategies" unbiblical focus on the person of the devil rather than a focus on the One able to deliver from Satan (our Lord Jesus Christ). And there is an arrogance on the part of those peddling their "cures" suggesting that God has given them some "secret power" that the average believer doesn't have access to. Bull! The Bible tells us that "God's power has given us everything we need for life and godliness" (2Pet.1:3).

Certainly, every born-again believer is empowered to deal with the devil. Every Christian should be in the "deliverance ministry" through prayer, sharing the Gospel, and helping people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, for much of the church, our own relationship/walk with Christ is not what it should be; so we have little influence against the schemes of the devil because of our own ignorance of God's Word (or our disobedience).

Those who sensationalize the topic of the demonic have hatched a whole industry - books, seminars, radio shows, TV shows, high profile "deliverance ministries and ministers." Most of them are hucksters and snake oil salesmen (in my opinion and experience).

[The person you are concerned about] could be under demonic influence/possession. The battleground is always for control of the mind. The destructive or negative behavior/thoughts she experiences will probably indicate what kind of influence is going on. Even if she is a believer, she can still allow Satan a foothold by living out his lies instead of God's truths. Usually, his lies will come to us as "our thoughts."

If we know the truth of Scripture and THE TRUTH...JESUS, we will recognize the lie when it comes. Even some on-the-surface "medical problems" may really be more spiritual in nature. It will take some Godly people experienced in these types of matters spending some time with [the person you are concerned about] and honesty on the part of [the person you are concerned about] to see if there is demonic influence, or just fleshly self-centeredness.

Too many times we want to blame the devil rather than admit that the real problem is that we do not want to humble ourselves to God and live obediently as His Word commands. Didn't mean to write a book, but felt led to share some things in the hope that it may help. God bless, Ken (our missionary friend to Belize & now Trinidad)


8 October 2002:


One of the better resources that I use is "The Bondage Breaker" by Neil T. Anderson. Of all the books and resources that I have seen regarding this issue, this is my choice. Very Biblical, very solid.

Evil can manifest itself in countless ways in a person's life. Getting to the root cause of that evil is critical to being set free. For the saved person, it [evil gets in] is allowing Satan some foothold by sin in our life we do not want to deal with, admit, or face. For the lost person, coming to Christ in repentance and confession is the first step. For both, it will require specific sins be genuinely confessed and God's cleansing sought (l John 1:9). It will also hinge upon the individual's desire to be set free and willingness to trust the Lord and commit to obey His Word. Strong Christians standing alongside for the long-haul in support may be necessary.

Drugs, alcohol, pornography, satanic cult interest or involvement are most often found as part of the backdrop where it's true demonic possession (and not just childish immaturity, selfishness, or self-centeredness). Like any "addict," folks will need encouraging help overcoming their habit(s). It may even show up in bizarre behavior. In a couple of extreme cases we have dealt with here in Belize, we have seen people vomit, foam at the mouth, make growling-animal sounds, crawl on the ground like a snake, and pierce you with an evil look that can only come from demonic possession. How evil is actually lived out can take on countless faces. Look at those who perpetrated 9/11 in "God's" name, or the sniper in Maryland/DC right now who has already killed several and wounded others.

Though evil is limitless in its expression, there is an answer; and it is Jesus. And there is hope for anyone through genuine confession, turning to the Lord, and genuinely committing to turn away (through the power of God in Jesus Christ) from the sin(s) that plague. Doesn't mean we won't do battle daily with that sin from now on until we go to be with the Lord! But, praise God, we are no longer compelled as a slave to carry out that sin. "Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world" (1Jn 4:4). That's THE TRUTH. When we believe it and act upon it, we truly are set free. Get prayer help from those at Northside who truly are prayer warriors. Let us know how we can pray and help. God bless, Ken [our missionary friend to Belize & now Trinidad]


20 February 2004:

Hey Doc,

Tanya’s e-mail raises many red flags for me about Tanya. “Searching the web about demonic influence” - INSTEAD OF [1] [searching] THE BIBLE and [2] conferring with other mature believers about her concerns? Sounds already like Satan has her focused on him INSTEAD OF on Jesus. Doesn’t say where her “revelation” comes from in her praying - God is showing her something??? – instead of the Pastor, and other believers in her church?  She can “name demons” and another person who is being “influenced?” Sounds to me like Tanya is the one being demonically influenced. God sends people to “her”, instead of those in Godly ordained leadership positions in the church – deacons, teachers, mature lay people, the Pastor himself? Really????

I could go on, but I believe the problem is Tanya. Sounds to me like she’s been influenced already by the crap produced by the “pop deliverance bunch” who trumpet more “their special revelations/abilities” and focus on Satan rather than focus on Christ and what the Word of God says regarding spiritual warfare, how it is to be waged, and how concerns are to be brought forward in the body of Christ – Matt. 18:15-18. I will pray for her, but my Spiritual discernment says leave this/her alone. Too many inconsistencies with the Bible and what she says. I recommend you do the same. God bless, Ken (our missionary friend to Belize, then Trinidad, then Grenada, whose work in those countries has required much contending with the demonic realm...who pretty much re-affirmed the above during a 12/29/05 visit with us)


12 march 2011

Hello, wonderful friend!

It is obvious to me that the family members "M" is referencing have demonic involvement and oppression in the home.  The only way he will be able to help them is to pray and look for opportunities to enlighten the family as to the reality of demonic influence and the reality of being able to get free from such influence.  It would be helpful for him to get training as well, since the Lord has allowed M to be confronted with this situation.

There are many possibilities for what is going on here.  With witchcraft in their background, someone in the family could have been cursed; and that is a root of their current oppression.  Witchcraft is a religion to Satan, and those that dabble in it or surrender to it give Satan and his minions the right [the unintended invitation] to either possess or oppress them.  Curses are very real, and should not be taken lightly. Seeing marks on someone is a clear indication of demonic influence.  Disease can also come from that source.  And the way M describes the son as acting (with evil stares, etc. that he is later unaware of) sounds to me like the influence of the demonic.

 The pastor is not ‘delivering’ them because( like I was not trained in deliverance) he probably has not been trained either (even though Mark 16:17-18 tells us clearly that one of the signs of a believer is to have the authority to cast out demons).  But you can have the authority and not have any training…so you don’t [may not realize how to] exercise the authority that God gave you.  Or you can not realize that you have the authority at all, so you don’t rise up and function in that way.

 Also, there can be occultic objects in the home that open the door [unintentionally serve as invitations] for demonic forces to enter in, and give them the right to operate in that home (e.g. Ouija boards, dream catchers, etc.).  Belonging to an occultic organization (like Freemasonry) can also bring about strong demonic oppression. And if people in the home are watching or participating in any occultic practices (e.g. TV shows, etc.), that will give the demonic the right to ‘inhabit’ the premise and those who live there. I am also wondering if the children have participated in occultic games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons, occultic videos, anything with Harry Potter, witchcraft or demonic books, demonic music, occultic games, artifacts [e.g. pentagrams, etc.]).  This would give the enemy the right [unintended invitation] to operate in and through the family. Any kind of demonic jewelry or clothing would also open the door for demonic influence. I am also wondering if the children are watching, reading, participating in any type of demonic influence (e.g. games) on the internet.  This would give the right to demons to be in operation there.

 Rebellion is a clear sign of demonic activity (i.e. Satan ‘rebelled’ against God, and it’s been happening ever since).  The scriptures tell us that ‘rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft’ (1 Sam. 15:23).  And M mentioned that ‘witchcraft’ was in the family for generations.  According to scripture, the sins of the previous generation may pass down into subsequent generations, causing demonic influence (unless repented for and those demonics cast out, & the curse cancelled).

And the evidence of ‘seeing’ the demonic and hearing their voice is another obvious sign of Satan and his army’s influence. So, it is apparent that Satan and his demonic troops have settled into this family.  Proverbs 26:2 tells us that ‘the curse causeless shall not come.’  In other words, there is a cause behind every curse.  You have to discover the ‘cause’ for the curse, and then take the necessary steps to break that curse off.

M is treading on dangerous territory, because he does not exactly know how to fight this fight.  He’s doing a good job for what he knows, but it can be costly if a person goes to Iraq to fight the war, but has had no training in doing so.  In like manner, it can be costly to try to fight the enemy that has been firmly entrenched in a family if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you don’t have sufficient ‘covering.’  M has anointed the home and seen a difference for a short time, but then the influence came back.  That is because the curse is not broken, and because there is some item or some activity in the home that is giving the demonic permission to inhabit that place.

If the mother is open to this understanding, and is willing to stand against it, then that is a beginning (and very necessary) first step.  But you can’t fight a war if you don’t know how to do it.  I would STRONGLY recommend that she go to Dr.Henry Wright's Be In Health ministry (  in Thomaston, Georgia to learn how to fight this fight.  That’s what I did.  The program there is almost a week long, but it is so-o-o-o-o worth it.  Anyone who goes finds freedom from the enemy’s influences like they could never imagine.

If the mom can’t afford to go, maybe M could go.  It would radically change his life (and his family’s), and open up his eyes to what is REALLY going on in this world.  And then he would be able to help the mom (and others) get her family free.

 That is my recommendation, so I would appreciate you passing this on to M. I hope to see you again one of these days soon, my special friend!

Love,  D."

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