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Chris Wells:

Chris  is minister to students at Brushy Creek Baptist Church in Taylors, S. C. Here is a story which came from the S. C. Baptist Courier (12 Feb. 2004 issue) about how Chris would like to present "salt and light" to those who chose Wicca as a religion:

Chris Wells has a passion for reaching people for Christ.
A self-described "pro-fisherman-wannabe," Wells enters tournaments, seeking opportunities to share Christ. He also speaks to hunters and golfers at sportsmen's banquets. But one group that the minister to students at Brushy Creek Baptist Church in Taylors is trying to reach really raises eyebrows: witches.

These witches aren't the typical image that comes to mind, however. They don't wear pointed black hats and robes, wave wands to cast evil spells, or fly through the air on broomsticks. "They are not social deviants," Wells says. "For the most part, they appear to be ordinary people — teenagers, women, even prominent businessmen."

But don't be fooled, cautions Wells, who attended Southwestern Baptist Seminary, their worldview is very different from Christians. "They don't believe in God, and they don't believe in Satan," he says. Instead, "their goal is to be one with 'the All,'" and they attempt to use spells to influence a "plethora of gods and goddesses," who they believe have power over the natural forces of the earth, he explains.

Through research on the Internet and pouring over books about Wicca, Wells made a startling discovery: Wicca is one of the fastest-growing religious groups in America.

His search on the web revealed 243,000 websites last year. Two months later, there were 543,000. Now, there are more than 2.9 million, he says.

"It is growing exponentially because there are no hard and fast rules in witchcraft. It can be done in 'solitaires' or 'covens' (groups)," he explains. "And, a central belief is that 'as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, do whatever you want to.'" That belief, he adds, is particularly appealing to teenagers and empowering for women.

Wells has interviewed witches and even attended some of their local rituals. He will share some of his insights of how to reach Wiccans at the State Evangelism Conference Feb. 23-25 at Charleston Southern University.

While serving at Alice Drive Baptist Church in Sumter several years ago, he became curious about witchcraft after talking with some teenagers who were involved. Several of their comments concerned Wells.

"One told me that no Christian had ever asked about their beliefs, or wanted to listen to what they had to say," Wells recalls. "Another, who had recently moved to Manning, said, 'There is a church on every corner, and everyone at school says they are Christian, but no one lives like it.'"

"That fueled a passion to understand Wicca so I could reach these kids for Christ," Wells said, noting that some may even be involved in church youth groups or are school friends of our kids.

Later, Wells said he met a Wicca high priest in Anderson who told him, "I understand your gospel," and spouted off basic Christian beliefs. "I was raised a Baptist," the witch asserted. "It's not that I don't know your gospel. I just don't believe it."

"In many cases, it's not that these people don't know the truth," Wells says. "They just see Christians who don't live the truth," he adds. "They are just lost and need Jesus desperately."

The high priest also told how a Christian had screamed at him after he admitted to being a Wiccan. Wells witnessed firsthand a similar encounter while observing a Samhain ceremony in Swannanoa, N.C. As the paganists beat their drums, played ecstatic music and danced, a group of preachers from Georgia ranted and screamed at the witches.

"One yelled, 'If my daughter was in there, I'd burn this place to the ground!'" Wells recalls. "And a five-year-old girl was told that she would burn in hell," he adds.

"As true as that may be, it is not the way to win people over," Wells says. "We love to say, 'What would Jesus do?' But rarely do we stop to consider what he really would do."

Citing biblical stories where Jesus mixed with sinners, Wells believes Jesus would try to sit down and talk with them. "They will never come to the gospel until it is presented before them in a way that it becomes real," he says. "What Jesus needs is for his gospel to be reflected in a way that presents God's love to people.

"Bass fishermen go to where the fish are; I'm going to where the Wiccans are," Wells explains. "I have nothing to fear from hearing what they believe. They worship 'nothing' gods — idols," he asserts. "But after listening, hopefully they will begin to see the difference Christ makes in my life.

"I'm trying to earn the right to be heard. And when I get that right, I'm going to share Christ's love" .

FYI: Web searches may be able to find a Wiccan write-up about Chris' approach. I found one back in 2004, and it had some letters to the editor, the end of one being, "They pride themselves in being 'pagans' and 'witches'. Fine for them, just don't force it on the rest of us. By the way, if one of them is ever homeless or have a medical emergency, good luck on finding an 'earth-based religion', homeless shelter, or hospital." Written by Harold Cannon, Candler.

Pleasant Valley Church (now named Hope of the Generations Church) in Thomaston, Georgia, operates a widely know deliverance ministry which has cured many persons from demonically controlled illnesses...I know because my close friend, Diane O'Connell, had been involved as an intern there (around 2004) preparatory to soon starting an orphanage missionary effort in Kenya in 2005 (which did not materialize).

Also, check out Whyte's testimony demonic possession & deliverance ministries.

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(posted 14 January 2004; update added 26 November 2004)


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