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Stephen J. Vattimo:

This is my true personal account of demon oppression that took place in 1984.   

I was young in my Christian faith and had a strong magnetic nature toward the supernatural world.   I was browsing through books on witch craft and was even snooping around my local town trying to discover a witch coven meeting place.       

Well I found out that if you start digging around in the sands of abomination, the demonic host will lead you to their buried treasure chest.   I met a young man through my work. I had informed him of my interest in witch craft and other supernatural forces.  He had provided me with a book on necromancy which instructed how to get spirits to serve you.   The book was well worn out from being used by many of its previous victims.  I took the book off his hands & never saw him again.   

The book must have been a very powerful tool of the demonic kingdom because, as soon as I began to read its pages, the demonic oppression roller-coaster ride began. I started having dreams of an unseen procurer chasing me through an abandon mansion.   These dreams were so terrifying I would wake up in a cold sweat.  Other times I woke out of my sleep by being strangled by an unseen person. When I was alone I would feel a presence in the room with me and hear voices calling my name. 

After a month of this, I confessed to God that I had sinned by delving into things that were labeled as an abomination to God.  I then asked the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. And then, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, I burned the book.  So the lesson behind sharing this account is don't flirt with the Devil because you will get burned!    

Here is list of popular activities people get involved in that can give the demonic kingdom permission to oppress or possess a person:

  1. Trying to contact the dead through the visit to mediums;
  2. Or using a weed gee [ouija] board;
  3. Trying to seek guidance for the future by using Tara [tarot] card readers, palm reader, or an astrologer;
  4. Practicing witch craft;
  5. Role playing games that suggest you seek a spirit guide and practice spells;
  6. Doing drugs and excessive drinking can give the demonic kingdom an open door to invade your life.

There are many more things a person can get evolved in that can open the door to demon activity so be care full.  

Your brother and fellow servant in Christ,
    Stephen J Vattimo 1/18/08

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(posted 20 January 2008)


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