The Truth... What is it?

Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

The "Dragon Lady":

She stood 4 feet and 3 inches tall as an adult. She had been a strong-willed child who climbed through a kitchen window to cook a forbidden dinner while her mother was at church. As a schoolgirl, she told her best friend that she would rather read Shakespeare than listen to a sermon. As a skeptical young lady, some knew her by the nickname "Devil". But something happened and "religious thinking" was changed to true Christian belief. She put away childish things and stood up to the Boxers in China in 1873. She accepted the hardships of rural China over a privileged lifestyle back in the USA. To the Chinese children she loved, she became known as "the cookie lady". She eventually starved to death giving what little food she had to the children...her supporting foreign missions board had fallen on hard financial times. The first support offering in her name was in 1888. She left a legacy of eloquently-written letters back home reflecting her passion for telling the Chinese about Jesus. In 1918, the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board named their annual churchwide offering toward foreign missions support after Charlotte Diggs "Lottie" Moon (1840-1912). Southern Baptists have an annual Lottie Moon Christmas offering toward mission work.

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You have just read a very brief example of the powerful, supernatural transformation of a person's life which is possible through the acceptance of Jesus as your savior. Are you tired of life as it now is for you? He will accept you just as you are right this second! Consider accepting Jesus now [check it out]!