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These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Frankie Puckett:

The peace provided by the one true God! A lady of strong energy, opinions, and determination, Frankie has been a friend & business associate of mine for many years, having been the branch manager (until 2005) for a pathology medical billing company (that office being located in Greenwood, S. C.) which processes billing for our pathology group (pathologists are medical doctor specialists who diagnose diseases from patient samples...and perform autopsies).

She grew up a member of a Pentecostal church there. She was born about 1954 and is married with two grown children. The Lord was with her as she was the many-years prime care-giver for her mother after diagnosis and treatments for breast cancer (Frankie's aunt had died of breast cancer), which included many disappointing experiences with health care providers. And there have been the problems of company buy-outs (job changes) and raising teens. Then, in the past few years, she dealt with her own thyroid cancer and some disappointing experiences with health care providers. Frankie's mom was a Christian of very strong faith and had prayed not to actually die from breast cancer. So, when she died about 2000, Frankie was extremely interested in obtaining an autopsy. But, her siblings strongly objected, and their position prevailed...much to her distress.

She recently got into a biblical study group; and among other studies, they have been working through Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life. During the business visit of 17 January 2003, Frankie told me of (1) the above distress surrounding her mother's death, and (2) that a recent test result had suggested that maybe her cancer had not been completely destroyed. "Dr. Shaw, my faith in the perfection of the will of God for my life has me where I just can't worry about this. I'm at peace; we will be able to deal with this and anything else." Having gotten a crisper insight into God's general will for all believer's lives and more specifically for her life, she has passed into a new orbit of peace and tranquility about her mom's death and all other events/factors in her life!

By 2006, she has started her own successful pathology billing business. See other faith & health information [here].

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[posted 15 January 2003; latest update 3 January 2007]


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