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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Robert K. "Butch" Galloway:

He was born with severe cerebral palsy (CP) in Sumter, S. C. (my birth town) in about 1934, to a Sumter family, having two older brothers and a younger sister (she was crippled). The family was connected to the Julius and Mary Chandler family who lived on Harby Street behind my Brown grandparents. He was not very old when his mother died tragically.

He was taught school at home by home-bound school teacher, Mrs. "Will" Plowden (nee. Martha Shuler) who also taught my first cousin, R. T. Brown, III.

"Butch" and family were regularly in Sunday school and church as members of Trinity United Methodist Church (where my family worshipped). He was baptized and confirmed there.

My mother, Mildred B. Shaw, asserted that it was Mrs. Plowden who paved the early way for Butch to have a miraculous outcome by insisting that he learn manners, that he control his speech so that "spit" didn't spray on those in the conversation, and that he be involved in Sunday school activities.

Butch got his first job as a boy at the Watchman newspaper on Main Street...which transitioned into Sumter Printing Company. He graduated in the class of 1950 from the public Edmunds High School in Sumter. Butch married Evelyn, a lady with as bad or worse case of CP. They had one son, Rob, who now manages the company. Butch has been active in the Chamber of Commerce and Trinity United Methodist Church all of his life and sits behind my mother in church until she died in 2011. Butch resides at Covenant Place as of 2016.

For other God-engineered victories over CP, check out Paul Smith's (1921-2007) amazing life and typewriter art (Paul died elderly in Roseburg, Oregon [a town becoming famous in Sept. 2015 by a school mass murder], doing art until 2004...HERE (a web archive link), HERE, and HERE (at about 2:11, this video includes his pic of the Last Supper followed by Jesus at 2:19). His Find a Grave memorial is HERE.

Also check Rev. Dave Ring's [testimony, YouTube telling his story & his website], and Julie Reagan's [testimony], and Ruth Sienkiewicz (whose book is, I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes ). And check out the comedian Josh Blue...see his routines on YouTube and Kyle West's amazing story. Also, my former church mates, J. P. "Jack" & Margaret Pratt (West Columbia, S. C.), finished over 50 years of the most amazing parenting to their son, Anthony J. "Tony" Pratt, an identical twin and the one who had CP so bad that he could only be taken to church lying in something like a baby stroller. Tony died at age 53 on January 6th,  2010.

On 5/28/16, we were at the Gaither (country gospel) Family Fest in Gatlinburg, Tenn. and heard the story of a recently deceased singer's (Joey Feek) desire that baritone, Bradley Walker, sing at her funeral. Bradley was pushed onto the stage in a wheelchair (in a wheelchair all his life) and his arms & hands made me think of cerebral palsy (but he says in the following link that he actually has a non-progressive form of muscular dystropy [LINK]) & hear him sing (check more on You Tube).

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(posted 17 July 2004; updated 28 May 2016)


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