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Jeffrey Stanley:


          Jeffery Stanley and "Lexus From Texas"


He Was Carrying A Cross...
Submitted by Bob Pearse (CN2 News)

From Carolina to California…that’s where one man carrying a cross is headed.

Jeffery Stanley and "Lexus From Texas"

Jeffrey Stanley started on his journey from Pilot Mountain, North Carolina a little over two weeks ago…and was seen walking on the sidewalks of Rock Hill this morning. Stanley’s constant companions are a large wooden cross with small wheels and man’s best friend…who he calls “Lexus from Texas”. He says “with God all things are possible”…and he wants us to get up…and stay alert.

“It don’t include just going to church on Sunday morning…taking up space on a pew and living like you want to for the rest of the week. If people get their feelings hurt…take it up with God.”
Jeffrey Stanley – Mission to California

Earlier Monday Stanley was headed toward Chester…But admitted that an angel of the Lord’s could lead him in a different direction.

“ “But I’m to go across this nation and to wake Christians up. We’re supposed to unite. The Bible teaches unity, forgiveness, love and peace. And we’re all going to heaven if we believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again for our sins. We’re gonna to be in the same place. Why not work together here to accomplish what God wants us to do.”

Of course Stanley’s journey to the Golden State is catching a lot of attention from others…Especially employees at an Exxon convenience store who saw him walking along Cherry Road this morning.

“When I first saw him…didn’t know what was going on. I thought what is this man doing. Did he steal it from a church? Who knows
Edna Adkins – Asst Mgr/Car Wash

“Yea I hadn’t seen nothing like that in a long time. Not no cross.”
Jean Boatwright – Manager/Exxon

Stanley plans to walk across the United States, and believes God will eventually take him to California one year from now.

There are others who have carried the cross in this manner: Arthur Blissett around the world; Terry Pollard; Arthur Hollands; Nick Moore; Lindsay Hamon carries one 26 years; and Kimo carried one in connection with a mixed marshall arts match or more as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began to be on TV.

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(posted 9 August 2007; updated 8 September 2015)


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