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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


"Marty" Martha Jenkins Jones:

She was a Jesus believer from childhood.

But she became overtaken as an adult by a number of health/medical illnesses, the worst of which was "chronic fatigue syndrome" [about CFS] with which she suffered many years (1979-99). Those last 6-10 years were spent mostly in bed due to extreme exhaustion, sometimes going 5 days without a bath or shampoo...just too weak & exhausted. There were 20 coincidental years of treatment for poorly active thyroid gland. And there was a severe problem with insomnia. By 1996, she was losing her appetite, and she thought maybe she had food allergies and got on a hypo-allergenic diet. She explored every medical, scientific cause anyone could think of.

Three friends also suffered CFS and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome). Considering the spiritual realm, they prayed for each other for many years. One of the friends called in 1998 that she had begun to improve after hearing some tapes she'd ordered. They were Rev. Henry Wright's tapes on "Spiritual Roots of Disease". Refusing to believe that her problem could be purely spiritual-based, she put the tapes away and focused even more intensely on diet & food/chemical allergies, etc. And she worsened. In final desperation, she started listening to the tapes again, swearing that she would not stop again unless her worsening condition continued down hill.

In time, "Marty" has become cured of all her diseases (and also her 3 friends & others) through Pastor Wright's ministry at Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia (people come there for cure from all over the world...a good friend of mine is/was on staff there). Read her letter to friends written as she became cured. The tapes are still available but have also been condensed into a book, A More Excellent Way.

Marty also speaks highly of the similar ministry of Art Mathias in Anchorage, Alaska...Wellspring Ministries.

Very interestingly, I heard of the CFS experience (one write-up, HERE) of Laura Hillenbrand, author of the book, "Unbroken", which launched as a movie in December 2014 (the story of Louie Zamperini before and after his amazing life was impacted by Jesus).




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(posted 9 August 2007; updated 28 December 2014)


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