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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Essie Mae Washington-Williams (1925-2013):

She was born in 1925. Her mother, Carrie Butler, was a 16 year old black maid domestic worker in the home of the white & very prominent Thurmond family in Edgefield, S. C. Hidden from official public view was the fact that Carrie had birthed a child by the longest serving U. S. Senator in the history of the USA, Senator J. Strom Thurmond. This did not become public information until the child made the announcement 17 December 2003 (some months after Sen. Thurmond's death at age 100).

I don't have the details yet, but Essie became a Jesus follower. As noted in the 4 Jan. 2004 article by Marilyn W. Thompson (ardent investigative reporter tracking the rumors for 25 years), Essie's keeping of the secret all of those 78 years was "...cloaked in Christian values and a strong desire to protect the privacy not only of her own family but of the father whose successes brought her a certain pride."

Essie Mae was sent at about age 6 months to be raised by an aunt in Coatesville, Pa. She graduated from S. C. State College in Orangeburg, S. C., and she married a law student, Julius T. Williams, about 1950. She lived Savannah and in Los Angeles, California and died near Columbia, S. C. I have not found out where she is buried or memorialized.

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(posted 4 January 2004; updated 26 August 2015)


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