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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor

Tracy Boos Nesbit:

She was born in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa about 1967. Betty & I had the pleasure of finally meeting Tracy and her husband, Bo, after church services today (2/2003) at Northside Baptist Church, West Columbia, S. C. They sang a duo during the offering. Tracy was scheduled for one more of what has now been a long series of surgeries. But, when the surgeon checked her preoperatively last week, it was said, "I don't know how in the world this area cleared up on its don't need surgery!" This was the latest incident in a long-acting miracle. She was born about 1967.

On 24 June 2002, Tracy presented at our emergency room with large, odd sores on her leg & hip. She began antibiotic treatment. On 2 July (a Tuesday) she came back for the 3rd time & was desperately ill...the doctors diagnosed her situation as a case of "flesh-eating bacteria" (necrotizing fasciitis). With emergency transfer to another hospital, she went into big surgery and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments (HBO). The ER doctors note said, "...and I have asked her family to join her [at the transfer hospital] as there is a very good chance that she will not survive surgery." Thus began a seemingly hopeless struggle of dramatic hospitalization, intensive antibiotic therapy, and multiple surgeries. But, the word went immediately out from the pulpit of our church on  Sunday the 7th. I recall the pastor saying, "I was with the family late last night, and she is sick unto death...for all I know, she may have slipped away as we speak." Through calls and e-mails to recruit ongoing prayers in behalf of Tracy, many took action to appeal her case to God.

She and Bo walked from the pew up several stairs to sing today on the preaching alter, and Tracy walks with a moderately severe limp, now. I knew I was laying my eyes on a miracle. Choir director, Robbie Gould, an Emergency Medical Technician, noted to the congregation that he had only been able to find information on two North American survivors of "flesh-eating bacteria"...a man in Manitoba, Canada and our Tracy. After services, Betty & I walked over to meet Tracy & Bo and even found out that some years ago she had been the "nanny" for children of two of my pathologist colleagues in Aiken, S. C. See other faith & health information [here].

June 2004 Update: There have been additional surgeries. Also, a man contacted me by e-mail about March 2004 as a survivor, and he had a website about his experience (I may have lost his e-mail & link...I think it was Vance "Bo" Salisbury). I found this collection of NF survivor stories on 6/24/04, and Bo's is among dozens posted there [here].

August 2004 Update: Sadly, the miracle series ended August 24th, 2004 with Tracy Boos Nesbit's death at age 37, leaving behind her husband Bo & 3 children, all of whom have the confidence that Tracy is now absent from the body and present with her Lord Jesus. Here is more of her story.

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(posted 9 February 2003; latest change 4 August 2007)


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