The Truth... What is it?

Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Sherry Orr:

We were blessed to be able to host Sherry as she spent a week in S. C., partly at our church. Not only has Sherry been blessed with a special ability to communicate; she is able to share candidly with people concerning her life. Sherry was raised in a home with parents absorbed in their own dysfunctional relationship. She witnessed physical abuse, alcohol abuse, the ravages of adultery, and how all of these factors can unravel the lives and emotions of people bringing them to a point of hopelessness.

Sherry says, "I must share that this hopelessness can be replaced by hope. The world will always fall short. Only Jesus can provide the fullness of life that everyone is searching for. Praise be to God that, once we receive Christ as our own, the world can never take it away!" In 1981 after hearing the truth of Christ, after repenting of her sins, and after having a true knowledge of the Lord, Sherry was baptized and dedicated her life to serving the Lord.

During a search for spiritual answers in her preteen life, Sherry learned the importance of evangelism. Without a Christian background in her family on which to base her search, she became involved with, and later joined, the Mormon Church. "I spent several years working to be like Christ. I eventually fled Mormonism knowing that, as a sinner, I had miserably failed. It took about six years but, finally, through God continuing to pursue a relationship with me and others being faithful to witness the truth, I came to the Lord. It is extremely important for Christians to seriously serve Christ in the 'great commission' [(Matthew 28:19)...taking the truth of Jesus to everyone]. In our society there is now a generation that has no church base just as I didn't," Sherry says. "It's urgent that we share our knowledge of spiritual truth as others are searching to fill the spiritual voids in their lives."

She web site which I can't find in 2015. And, at that time, posted on her site photo file was a picture of our home and of Sherry on brother George Marion Draft's mare, Ranger.

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(Posted about 2000; update 26 September 2015)


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