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Christians Have Killed, Too:

We Christians can be lead astray and must remember that Jesus never asked that anyone be killed for the sake of His name!

I thank my friend & Sunday School teacher, David Prosser, for putting details into a 19 April 2007 e-mail to me (contained in the code of this page) as the basis for the following outline. As stated on the linked page about man's inhumanity to man, we modern Christians are hugely embarrassed to learn that  misguided groups (were they just cultural or nominal Christians or true Christians ?) identified as "Christian", on the other hand, have done the following in the name of Christ (or in search of gold or other primary motives such as governmental control of populations?).

Additionally, overall, how much damage do Christians do for the cause of Christ when they condemn & criticize other branches or denominations of Christianity [here]? As my friend, Rev. Gary Frazier pointed out in May 2007, why must modern Christians of the USA publicly backbite and almost curse each other over issues BEYOND the questions of: (1) does your church worship God through Jesus?...(2) does your church seek to lift up the name of Jesus as Savior of the World?...and (3) is The Word of God the ultimate tool for education about the Faith? Here is the outline of killings by Christians (but was the political force behind the actions Christian?) with the numbers of most offered by David Prosser:

In Europe, Middle East, & Northern Africa:


  • anti-witch, anti-pagan campaigns AD408-1708 (example, Emperor Theodosius who even had children killed for playing with pieces of destroyed pagan statues): 15-30 million killed.

In South & Middle America:

  • conquistador efforts from AD late 1400s on, included in the above anti-pagan killings.

North America, in what would become the USA:

  • Jamestown, Pequot, King Philip's war: maybe as high as 50,000,000.
  • anti-Mormon killings as they migrated to Utah.
  • Massacre of Sand Creek, Colorado in 1864: 600 Indians (mostly women & children) under leadership of Methodist minister, Col. John Chivington ("I long to be wading in their gore").
  • 1860s Hawaii: 90% of indigenous population wiped out by combination of fighting and disease brought there by Christian missionaries & soldiers.
  • Hitler's concentration camps in Germany & Poland: 3.4-5.7 million "cleansed" by his a Christian...that God wanted non-Christians wiped out. And camps in Croatia lead by Catholic, Ante Pavelic (most notorious was Jasenovac camp, headed by a Franciscan Friar killing Serbian orthodox Christians & Jews); the Catholic Ustasha burned his stabbed and injured victims alive in kilns. Franciscan friars did most of the killings of between 300-600,000.

In "third world" countries:

  • the Catholic Ngo Dinh Diem became President of South Vietnam: mostly against Buddhist protesters & monks (1955-60): 80,000 executed, 24,000 wounded, 275,000 detained or tortured & 500,000 to concentration camps.
  • two Roman Catholic priests sentenced to death in 1998 for roles in the genocide of 1994 of about a million Tutsis & moderate Hutus.
  • Christians turn on Muslims in Nigeria in Feb. 2006 & some 80 killed in vengeance related to Muslim attacks on Christians after the Netherlands cartoon published.

Most/much of the above seems quite different to me than the current persecution and killing of Christians for no other than the pure reason that (1) they are Christians and (2) want to worship & proclaim Jesus (not a thing AT ALL is forced onto anyone). Much of the above killing was under the leadership & tyranny of certifiable psychopaths. I offer the above info fairly uncritically, however, as a way to show that Satan is busily at work in Christian groups, too.

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(posted 14 May 2007)