The Truth... What is it?

DaVinci Got It Right

The damaging themes of the 2003 book and May 2006 movie are three:

  1. Jesus is not who we Christians claim Him to be (not the divine Son of God).
  2. The Bible is just a book whose sections were driven together by powerful folks who wanted to project narrow viewpoints (not the divine Word of God).
  3. The entire Christian faith is, therefore, a fraud.

Our pastor, John Derrick, gave the 2006 Mothers' Day sermon with the above title a week before the USA release of the movie, The DaVinci Code. While that fictitious book is said to be a thriller, its content prods the believer to find out some TRUTH.

In Leonardo DaVinci's painting of The Last Supper, there is no wine grail or chalice on the table. There have been (1) legends of power available to anyone who can possess that holy Grail (some will remember the Indiana Jones movie). And (2) some observers have thought that the disciple next to Jesus in the painting looked too feminine to be a man. So, the fictional book's thesis is that that feminine figure is actually Mary Magdalene who becomes married to Jesus and is the "grail"...vessel...for a child of Jesus; she is the holy Grail, and that alleged "truth" has been suppressed by "organized Christianity" for 20 centuries.

But a deeper "look" provides the TRUTH which is in keeping and harmony with the rest of Scripture (the Bible).

One definition for the Greek word for grail is "woman as a vessel (as with "the womb")". At the Last Supper, Jesus the Bible indicates over & over...the bridegroom; and THE CHURCH (first represented by the 12 Apostles) is His bride...His wife figure...his holy Grail. And, THE CHURCH has indeed been a container or vessel of great power throughout the centuries!

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(posted 16 May 2006; latest addition 15 June 2006)