The Truth... What is it?

Hearing and Seeing God's Leading for Your Life

Whereas, God is the creator (Genesis 1:1-31); and,
Thereby, God created all of mankind, including you; and,
Whereas, you therefore fall under the "mankind instruction manual", The Bible (the Word of of  God's true power sources, Word Power); now,
Therefore be it resolved: that you must bank on its truthfulness!!!!!!!!!!! AND,

The Bible indicates that:

  • God has a unique plan for each "believer's" life (Jeremiah 29:11; Ephesians 2:10). Are you actually a believer yet? 
  • Only the holy, the sinless (by either perfectly spotless living or by a savior's help) may enter into God's eternal presence (Hebrews 12:14). As a believer [more on "belief"] you get a "help" guarantee! 
  • Jesus of Nazareth is that guaranteeing savior (John 4:25-26)! Why is He unique? 
  • The Fall of Adam and Eve from God's grace condemned mankind to a life (all decisions by one's own free will...Genesis 3) in "the world". Believers become set apart from "the world" though remaining in "the world". The God-allowed ruler of "the world" is "The Prince of the Present Age", the "Ruler of the Air" (Satan/the devil/Beelzebub). 
  • Those who will say "yes" [the elect] and become a believer...admitting their sinfulness, need for a savior, and acceptance of Jesus as one's personal savior/ that they then "belong" to God and can then hear what He says (John 8:47). God may even give "wake-up calls" to try to turn you toward Him so that you may hear. The Word of God is actually made to be foolishness to those who don't "belong", and they can not understand it...can not "hear" (I Corinthians 2:14)!!!!!! So, say "yes" and then "belong"! 


If you don't "belong", you can't hear/see God or understand His Word or what He would have you to do. You can't hear/see Him sort choices and options for you and guide you to the correct one for you. You MOST...only be indirectly influenced by way of godly people and by non-divine sources. That does not mean that non-divine influence is always bad. You would be proceeding into the complexities of life lacking ready access to God's perfect wisdom arising out of all of His other perfect attributes... a potentially disastrous second-rate route!

If you do "belong" but lack a growing personal relationship with God, it is like having your hearing ears stuffed with cotton so that any "word" from God is muffled, garbled, and hindered. You may just as well be pretty much on your own as to your life on earth, though your eternal salvation is secure.

Until it is displaced more and more by a growing relationship with God and the accompanying wisdom that such will "bring to the table", the natural, of-this-world, satanic/devilish influence tends to hold sway and strongly, predominantly influence one's life. Satan is willing to allow "a pretty good life" for you as long as you don't move closer to God. But, by not moving closer (by being disobedient...God wants you closer), you risk experiencing a famine of hearing from God (Amos 8:11-12). What you "hear", therefore, is far more likely to be a word from Satan or from your own self-centered desires!

For Those Who "Belong": Becoming Able to Hear and See.........

As is true with human relationships, a growing personal relationship with God happens by "experiencing" God. Within "experiencing," God "speaks" by way of the Holy Spirit. "Experiencing" comes from:

  • The Word: God speaks during or through your experiences in earnestly reading The Word of God (The Bible). It helps tremendously to have significant knowledge of what God's Word says in order that you be able to tell the difference between hearing God vs. hearing Satan: God will never speak anything out of line with His Word. As you prayerfully read The Word or cycle memorized Bible verses or facts through your mind, the Holy Spirit will impress some item of it upon you as being applicable to you. That represents the "a-ha!" moment of "speaking"/"experiencing". If you are not spending time in the Bible, this door of speaking is not activated. 
  • Prayer: God speaks during or through your experiences in sincere and earnest prayer (two-way talking with God). If you are not spending significant time in prayer, this door of speaking is not activated. 
  • Circumstances: God speaks during or through your experiences as you or others carefully observe and interpret your circumstances. If you are not spending time in personal meditation and/or Christian fellowship discussions, this door of speaking is not activated. 
  • the Church: God speaks during or through your experiences in all of the fellowship, discipleship, evangelistic, and servanthood involvements in the Church. If you are not spending time in the church, this door of speaking is not activated.

  • Manner of Prayer: What even a believer hears from God is affected by his manner of asking God to speak. That is, if you proudly, egotistically, self-sufficiently, rebelliously, distractedly, or indifferently pray for direction, your communication with God is handicapped and hindered. 
  • Your attitude: What even the believer hears from his/her heavenly Father is affected by that person's attitude with regard to his/her own self image, his/her understanding of the attributes of God (what He is like), and his/her attitudes about life and people.

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posted 1 April 1999 [1st modification 23 August 1999]