The Truth... What is it?

Heaven or hell....does God "send" you?

Drawing from Dr. Charles Stanley's "In Touch" devotional guide for 1 June 1999, let me remind everyone that The Bible has, from the first book of it, made it clear that God has declared that the way mankind shall operate is by the system of a person's own "free will"...exactly what the American citizens of the 1990's crave.

So, what would the spiritually mature, Jesus-follower community have to say in response to, "I just can't believe that a kind and holy God would send anyone to eternal torment!!"

RESPONSE: "Amen! and Amen!" You are absolutely correct! A person headed to hell is going there by his/her own free will choice. That person has chosen (used free agency or free will) to ignore or fail to deal with the truth that Jesus laid down His very life that the gateway to heaven be open to all. And those headed to hell must trample over Him to get to hell...not get "sent" to hell. Hell-bound folks must slog over the Cross of Christ to get to hell. They must discount and ignore the empty tomb in order to get to hell. They must shun and turn from the invitations of the sacrificial and atoning blood of Jesus to get to hell. They must overcome the intercessory prayers of Jesus-follower friends, mentors, associates, partners, spouse, mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles. The hell-bound must turn from or daydream through the songs and sermons of The Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to get to hell. These precious souls must pooh-pooh and wave off the truth and importance of The Word of God. Those beloved folk confidently depend on themselves, well-placed relatives, political connections, education, intellect, physical conditioning, and money to "guarantee" their future.

No, an unbeliever must fight his way into hell in order to get past all of the opportunities God grants him/her during a lifetime to hear the wonderful truth that brings life over death. Are you one who has not yet taken time to settle this MOST IMPORTANT issue?

If this short commentary has gotten your attention even to the slightest degree, take 5 more minutes to check this out....please!

By the way, is Hell an after-life place or a condition or state that we find or selves in while alive on earth...or both [check this]?

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 (posted 1 June 1999; latest addition 25 September 2005)