The Truth... What is it?

How Can I?

Humans have a vastly greater spiritual sensitivity in periods of distress and hard times. God uses these times to help us feel the pull of the Holy Spirit. And, He uses distress and disasters to help us realize how insufficient our own means are, in hopes that we'll turn to Him. As Pastor Steve Cloud has said, God loves us so much that he wants us to firstly depend on Him. How? We must SEEK Him; we must WAIT for His word, His leading, His prompting. Then we must OBEY what we find out to be His will for us. To quote Steve, "The safest and most powerful place to be is in the very center of God's will."

How can we find out His will for us both generally and as individuals? He has (1) a permissive will (allows sin), (2) a moral will (see your Bible), and (3) an individual will. We can hinder our finding out of His individual will for us for various facets of our lives as follows: sin numbs or blinds us to right ways and pulls us back from fellowship with God. We rationalize that what we want is exactly His will. We stay passive and don't seek. We maintain or back-slide to a doubting-heart state. We become fearful and hesitate (what if God draws me to ...).

To avoid or overcome such hindrances, we should be in persistent prayer, asking to know His will and praying to prepare our hearts to get our own wills out of the way of His will. We must study God's word, learning more and more of God's nature and His general will as shown in The Bible. And we must count on (and remember) His great ability to work with those having a teachable spirit or frame of mind. We must carefully and prayerfully "evaluate our circumstances" and seek wise counsel from people we know or for whom we have prayed for God to make available to us. Having done all this, so far, then we must walk in faith as far as we can walk, taking care not to violate Christian principles, and trusting God to open or close the various "doors" in front of us as He sees fit/best...thereby leading us into the center of His will.

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(June 1998)