The Truth... What is it?


REMEMBER, whether a person is a Jesus believer or not, each of us humans is a life under construction. We are never a finished product! Heroes fall, and the fallen rise again to favor...all with remarkable regularity and frequency. Keep this in mind when others disappoint you.


People say this as a sort of cop-out because of their uncertainty over what they are really getting into, poised on the brink of stepping off into the Christian life. Their eyes and ears focus on the small percentage of the group who APPEAR to be insincere and uncaring (hypocritical). Would they say:

  • EDUCATION: I won't send my child to school because the teachers are insincere and uncaring.
  • LEADER: I won't encourage myself or anyone to be a leader because they are all insincere (fake)  and uncaring.
  • MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT: I wouldn't have anyone I care about go into any career in the medical field because those people don't really care about you and they act fake.
  • TRADESMAN: You'll never catch me being a (welder, carpenter, painter, brick mason) because they don't really care or try to do a good job.
  • JOURNALIST: I wouldn't get in with the news people and reporters because they only care about scooping a story...they are insincere and don't really care.

As a Christian, why not focus on becoming the salt and light that YOU could become and thereby exert a positive influence on the lives of these who seem so sub par and insufficient to you?

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(19 Sept 1998)