The Truth... What is it?

Are you in "prideful-defiance denial"?

Suppose I were the owner of a business and had an important opening to fill in the would be a really fine promotion for you. You were a ten-year veteran of my company and were qualified for the promotion; you want the promotion. To your credit, many of your coworkers vouched for you. Many of them had been close to me over the years...but you had not (although I was always aware of your capabilities).

As the opening was posted, many again came to me to speak of your qualifications for the promotion...some to also express their interest in the job. But, you never came; you never asked about the promotion or directly expressed any interest. You had never seemed interested in an actual relationship with me, and your current actions are similarly void of relationship or contact with me. Job-wise, the promotion would bring you closer to me. But you show no interest in me. What do you think I would be thinking about you as I pondered who to promote. Did people somehow have you believing that having a strong relationship with the HEAD of the, make that the "OWNER"...would amount to "kissing up" to the boss? Or do they think that you are blowing your chance...being a hard-headed, prideful dummy?

The mind of God is not like our human minds. [check out God's attributes] But, when you find yourself in need of Him through His son, Jesus, is it enough to hope that friends and family, church prayer chains, and other interceding efforts will suffice? Why not invite Jesus to be your personal savior and friend, personally receiving your prayers from you, yourself?

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(posted 15 March 1999)