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Masking Tape & Super Glue

I became a fan of masking tape for medical uses when I learned to tape my heels with it for an annual Father's Day hike to Mt. Le Conte, Tenn., in the 1990s. I first used Super Glue on a cut I had in about 2000. I offer this information as what our family does AND NOT as a medical recommendation.

Friction Blister Prevention:

For hikers, treadmill walkers, and those with new shoes, liberally tape loosely (stand on the tape strand) entirely around the line of toe knuckels, around ankles (if to use high boots) and around heels. Do a trial run, if possible, a week or two ahead. Wear & break in the wrapping during ordinary walking for a day (1) to make sure you planned the taping in a correct pattern and (2) to let it soften and break in.

Closing Cuts:

Here are the steps. After cleaning the cut by a washing and soaking cleansing (Lysol water soak or peroxide),

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(posted 3/2/2009)