The Truth... What is it?


NONE of any medical section of this web site is ADVICE (though it is believed by me, personally, to be true and accurate...BUT, it {1] may be personally biased and [b] may not be up-to-date). While also making collected information available, one of my main goals is to illustrate how complex some medical issues are. And, one should usually infer that there are often a number of different correct decisions and/or treatments. Decisions rest on MANY factors...not the least of which are EACH & every individual patient's own (1) personality and (2) disposition factors. Competent and conscientious local doctors and other care-givers (who have been involved with you or your family...or, at least, your type of people...over a long term) are in the best position to know and appreciate the particulars of your personal and family background and traits so as to satisfactorily work with you....especially on answers to such issues as whether or not you need referral to a local or distant specialist. Your own personal investigation can be helpful (as well as highly confusing).

Hospital based specialists...such as anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, hospitalists, pathologists, radiologists, and radiation oncologists...who have rapport and vested interests in a given community... offer local advantages similar to the above. Pathologists who favor and promote the advantages of a local specialist often believe in "point of care practice" as offering the broadest & best array of advantages.

It can be a serious disadvantage if you are covered under a health plan which restricts (directly and/or by hidden incentives) your ability to obtain care from the doctor, lab, hospital, or other entity of your choice. Keep in mind that distant major hospital and clinic referral centers may have a bias more toward filling research quotas than toward your personal single-case interests. Yet, distant specialists may well be the best option.


(posted March 1998; latest adjustment 25 September 2016)