The Truth... What is it?

Our Family Associations/Organizations

Various members of our blended family are involved in the following organizations:

  • Decolam, Inc.: (now Roseburg) was the laminated wood products company founded and owned by my best friend, Ozzie Fogle. It is located at the old U.S. Plywood site in Orangeburg, S.C. In addition to products used in many different applications.

  • Cousin Bob Brown in Florida, here. Bob has created a series of flight simulation scenery that is free.

  • Kendrick's Painting & Repair, Leesville, S. C. 29054 (see Google Maps) is the independent painting subcontracting business run since 1993 by our son-in-law (Paul, Jr.). A Christian businessman with a small business. It operates throughout the Columbia area from the home in Leesville, S.C. 803-622-5285.

  • Lexington County, SC, Public schools, Batesburg-Leesville, Lexington School District #3 is where a daughter (Jennifer) is a speech therapist and webmaster for the elementary school. Our grandson attends Gilbert school.

  • Lexington Medical Center (LMC): the web site author, a sister-in-law (Brenda Speer), and another sister-in-law (Trudy Seybt) work here.

  • Lexington Medical Laboratories, Inc. is a privately owned specialty diagnostics medical clinical lab providing a wide range of testing but focusing on high quality testing for special infectious diseases and for auto-immune diseases. The majority of the testing is performed for Lexington Medical Center but is available to all other doctors and hospitals (as well as to individual patients who desire to self-request tests...we were the first lab in S.C. to offer such to individuals). It is equally owned by 2 physicians and 2 non-physicians. LML is our local manifestation of a decade of the Carter's involvement with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists as national-meeting course instructors in immuno-serology (from 1978-1988). They and a few other experts were instrumental in helping to transfer research-level immuno-testing techniques into practicing clinical labs throughout the USA. Through the Carter's lab at the former Henrotin Hospital in downtown Chicago, tests common today were then made available to much of the Chicago medical community along with clinical laboratory consultations. They joined PAL in 1984, and LML opened about a year later. It is located in LMOB, below.

  • Lexington Medical Office Building (LMOB) was located (now owned by LMC) at I-26 and hwy #378, behind Hardees, on the campus of Lexington Medical Center, 110 East Medical Lane. Lexington Medical Laboratories is located on the first floor of this building.

  • Main Street Cafe on Main just west of highway 6 intersection is one of our two favorite restaurants in the town of Lexington, S. C. is owned by the Trifos family and has a Greek flavor and excellent grouper and other dishes.

  • Mediterranean Cafe: A palestinian native of Israel & USC grad., Azmi Jebali opened it in 2003 behind Rushes & relocated in 9/2008 on west Main Street next to the Comfort Inn & very close to the intersection of #378. Outstanding broiled shrimp dish! Excellent middle eastern fare.

  • Missionary Family: The Ken Moore family [here] is a career missionary family serving on the mission field in Trinidad as of June 2004.  They had been in Belize, Central America, on the Gulf coast, working through the Belize Southern Baptist Mission for the prior about 7 years. Ken left a secure job in Savannah, Georgia some years ago, having received a call from God to the seminary. We have been privileged and blessed by God to have a long and close relationship with Ken, Cathy, Matt, and Adam through their entire experience since Savannah. They spent some time in Trinidad & are now in Grenada.

  • Cousin John Cain owns & operates Novesis (environmental strategies).

  • Pathology Associates of Lexington, P.A. is a South Carolina physician (pathologist) professional association equally owned by the site author and his partner. The PAL group [check out our web site] is based at Lexington Medical Center and has a primary focus on point-of-service pathology and patient care.
  • Pathology Associates Real Estate Partnership (PAREP) was an entity which owned space in Lexington Medical Office Building for rental to Lexington Medical Laboratories. It was owned by 2 physicians and one non-physician. It and LMOB were sold to LMC in Jan. 2002.
  • Pathology Service Associates is a "messenger-model" MSO (medical services organization) with professional "pods" of pathologists organizing in many states of the USA. Our pathology group and Pee Dee Pathology were among the first three groups to associate (PAL as a billing client). A founding principal is that the practice of pathology has its highest composite value when practice is focused at the "point of service" with patient's and their doctors. This PSA is an MSO which can enter into joint activities and contracts. It is the brainchild of Dr. Louis Wright who also invested the founding drive, leadership, and creative energy to make PSA a going concern. PSA was bought in 2008 by Med3000 and is still our helper.
  • Another son, a welder, now sells special welding-repair rods in S. C. & nearby N. C. and Georgia for Rockmount Nassau.
  • Sumter County Genealogical Society, PO Box 2543, Sumter, S.C. 29151-2543 located at 219 West Liberty Street. 803-773-9144. Hours are Tuesdays thru Saturdays (closed Mondays), 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. They are willing to do computer-index searches for names and to publish inquiries in the newsletters to members.
  • Sumter, S. C. public schools was the place a sister (Millie Berg) began serving in 1999 after years as a teachers' assistant in Coral Springs, Fla.. She additionally was an assistant coach of a Coral Springs youth swim team and is now a helping coach at the Sumter YMCA.
  • "The Horse Motel" was a horse boarding business that was operated by my brother-in-law, George Marion Drafts, and his wife, Saundra (she is also a cosmetologist &  artist). Years ago, George was a western cowboy in Wyoming and a rodeo rider; he has been involved with horses for over 40 years. He was instrumental in introducing the western "paint horse" into South Carolina. Many in the family are championship competitive riders. The business included horse breeding, horse sales, horse breaking and training, and riding lessons; about 60 horses were involved (now only 2). The Horse Motel is located barely off Hwy #378 just outbound beyond Corley Mill Road, at 4508 Darby Ambrose Lane, a private, unmarked driveway branching uphill (eastward) off of Darby Ambrose Road. It is still there but basically out of business as of 11/2006.
  • T. L. C. Auto Detailing was an automobile cleaning/detailing business owned and operated by our son-in-law's father, Paul Kendrick. He was located many years at the Congaree River then at 4884 Sunset Blvd. (hwy #378) halfway between the I-20 and #378 interchange and the town of Lexington...behind Lexington Gun and Pawn until early 2004. The work of this Christian business is so good that it was written up in Gary Galloway's column in the 2 July 1997 issue of The State newspaper. He now works from home.
  • Visual Graphics, Columbia, S.C. is where a son (David) worked for several years; then at Wegener Media; then at Imaging Technologies on North Main Street in Columbia into 2008 & then at Lexington Medical Center, and then Front End Audio.
  • WMHK fm 87.9 is a fine Christian radio station which has been a ministry to me since 1991. 


Our churches:

  • This website author and his wife are members (as of Dec. 2003) of Zion Lutheran Church on Corley Mill road near #378...founded in 1745. My wife's church as a child.
  • Joel Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church several miles out, at 1165 Old Barnwell Rd., Lexington county, Rev. Carlos J. Wood, retired pastor, brother Kevin Rogerson now being pastor. One of our daughters (Jennifer) and her family's former church.
  • New Life Baptist Church is where Jennifer and her family now worship.
  • Center Point Community Church: Betty's son & his family's church since about 2004, meeting in White Knoll High School.
  • St. Andrews Lutheran Church: my son and his wife's church since 2007.
  • Whiteford Church: Betty's daughter had attended some since July 2008.
  • Northside Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church and former church home to the author couple and home church to the family of one one of our sons (Fred). Rev. Steve M. Cloud, pastor (retired about 2005 & now has Vision Ventures); presently located on Sunset Blvd. ,West Columbia, nearly at the intersection with 12th Street. Author and his wife and one daughter previous members. Now members of Zion Lutheran Church, see below.
  • Betty's daughter above & her family sometimes attend The Harvest Church on Sunset Blvd (#378) between West Columbia and Lexington.
  • Holy Trinity Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church is one of only a few southern congregations of the Church of the Lutheran Confession. My wife's family (Drafts) was a local founding family, and most of the nieces and nephews in the family are graduates of the members-only school, grades 1-8. Members' children may attend boarding school and college in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Pastor Vance Fossum is in charge. A sister-in-law is in a congregation in Minneapolis; her son will graduate in 2007 from seminary at the CLC college in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  • Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church: My wife had been an active member until early 1997. We always there-after felt a close attachment to former pastor, now deceased, Robbie McBride, a Citadel graduate.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church in Sumter, S.C. is my boyhood church and home church for my mother.
  • St. Anne Catholic Church in Sumter, S. C. is my sister and her family's church. Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Port Richey, Florida, is the church pastored until Jan. 2001by our brother-in-law Rev. Klaus Koch who came to the USA at age 16 as WWII ended and his family thought that there may be no future in his home country of Germany ( the Koch family was in the salt business). Our sister, Ann, retired in 1999 as teacher in the public schools of New Port Richey and St. Petersburg. He had previously been pastor about 25 years at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Klaus retired 31 Jan. 2001; they divided their time between the Florida home and one outside of Asheville, N. C. at Lutheridge. On May 20, 2002, they moved to West Columbia, S. C. and are also members of Zion Lutheran Church, above.