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A drug problem

Confidential Pastors Selection Report

Daddy's empty chair

Did you know?

"Easter" Edith Burns

Five Finger Prayer

God has a positive answer

God's Yellow Pages

Here's why The Passion of Christ rated R

How to plant your garden

I Refuse to be Discouraged

Jenny's pearls

Kansas Legislature Prayer

Mexican fisherman

R-rated Jesus Movie

Professor & stick of chalk

Satan's Convention

Taste Jesus

Teddy's letters

The Brick

The Center of the Bible (Power Point)

The duck & the devil

The Fork in the Casket

The High School Prayer


The missing day

The Son & Art Auction


The linen folded in the empty tomb of Christ: a sweet but false story [see it debunked HERE].

Dancing with God.

Burned biscuits
(initially given to me as an e-mail print out by by one of my partners (BWD) in 2010.)

Here is Christ The King Lutheran Church's website collection of stories [HERE]...
Port Washington, Wisconsin.

A website with some other sweet & instructive stories is HERE.


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