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  A Williamson Family of South Carolina

My ancestor John Williamson was born in England and came to Virginia in 1699 (b. 1680, d. 1757). His wife was Rebecca Chamberlyne. Their son Thomas S. Williamson married Judith Fleming who gave birth to Thomas Williamson, II in 1745 (went on to serve in the Rev. war).

Thomas, II, had a son, Bright Williamson in 1788; Bright married Jane Rogers. Bright and Jane had a son Lucius A. Williamson, born in 1827. The Williamsons were residents of Darlington county, S.C.

They were parents of Charles L. Williamson who would be elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives, having been born in 1852. His farm was located near present-day Dalzell, S.C., in Sumter county. Their daughter Lucia Rogers Williamson was my grandmother, but she died in 1921 when my father was only 9 years old, after an illness of about 2-3 years.
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