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A Solicitation To Be Cured: How Could You Lose?

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At my 45th high school reunion in late July 2007, I renewed old friendships. A few had stumbled onto my personal website and asked questions. I had been praying for a co-worker for several weeks. One wanted to be able to do an e-mail dialogue. The next week she (my first-grade girlfriend) e-mailed about seeing my note in the website about Pleasant Valley Church, and she told me of her own sister being cured through that churches ministry after being almost bedridden for years. I've been allowed by Marta (Jane's sister) to post her testimony as a distillation of a 5-page single-spaced testimony of her cure. So, I wrote an e-mail to a lady minister who lived with us 3 years and works in Pleasant Valley Churches healing ministry. Here is the minister's 8/15/07 response:

Dear Ervin:

I am praying for your partner, and for you to have wisdom & discernment as to how to approach her.

This ministry (Be In Healthâ„¢, Inc.) at Pleasant Valley Church was started by primarily ministering to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) & Environmental Illness (EI), which results in all the symptoms that your coworker is struggling with.   This ministry is known world-wide as the only ministry that has enabled folks with this disease to get free of it.  There is a ministry in Dallas that has done their best to help folks with MCS/EI & related symptoms, but even they refer their patients to us. And we even have several folks working on our staff who formerly were at Dr. Ray’s clinic in Dallas; but after being referred here, they got well and are now working here to help others get free!

I’m just telling you this because the success rate here in regard to diseases with your coworker’s symptoms is incredibly high!  So, there is every reason to hope for a complete recovery, if your coworker will be willing to come here for the one-week course, and do his/her best to line up with what the Word of God says.  And FYI, there are many more testimonies from folks that have gotten healed from this disease in the back of the ‘A More Excellent Way’ book (you own a copy of it).

If it were me, and I were struggling with what your coworker is struggling with (even if I were an agnostic), I would at least put God to the test and ‘risk’ lining my thinking up with the Bible, and see what happens.  After all, what does he/she have to loose?  As it is, his/her methodology of getting better hasn’t worked.  And it’s costing him/her big-time, and stealing his/her life from him/her.  So, why not try something that has a proven track record of recovery?! 

I’m glad you’re in his/her corner!!  Hopefully, your coworker will exercise wisdom and give this program a try.  If I can help him/her in any way, please just let me know.

I miss you, brother!  I hope the Lord allows me to visit some day soon.



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(posted on website 16 August 2007)