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How do I Go About Following Jesus?

What it Means to Follow Jesus

As Pascal said, there is a God-shaped vacuum in the human heart. All cultures have tried to fill that hole with a god (s). Only the Jesus follower gets the where-with-all for complete filling. When a new believer "believes", there is an instantaneous indwelling of that person by the Holy Spirit of God. That Spirit is the ultimate teacher about the meaning of Scripture, the will of God, and the relational messages from God. Jesus died that the power of sin be broken for all. Through Jesus, the convert learns of the love of God. And. as the convert confesses sin and repents of sin, he/she comes into closer & closer personal relationship with God. As the follower lifts up Jesus and "does" in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God, the love of Jesus flows from that person to others, testifying of the truth of Jesus' existence. And the follower becomes more and more at peace and more and more fulfilled. People yearn...often privately...for fulfillment!!! Money, power, fame, material & worldly things only give temporary pleasure...they DO NOT fulfill.

If you have honestly and truly said "yes" to following Jesus, it means that you have been "born again"...had a new birth...into a new life which is holy (in that it has been declared by Jesus to be holy...set apart), having become a child of the perfect and only God of the universe.

How Do I Go About Following Him?

Being a follower of Jesus can be as simple as, with the faith of a child, just fully accepting Him as your living (remember, there were more than 500 witnesses that He arose from the dead) savior and Lord (boss) of your life. Many of us want more detail and study; but, at the bottom line, one must just decide to believe...doing so with the uncomplicated faith of a young child. Then it will all be shown to you. As you realize how complex things may be, don't be in the least discouraged. Plug away at it regularly; God is honored by your interest and effort. And, there is enough to this "set apart" life to keep you interested and stimulated for more than a lifetime !!

Now...though a decision MUST be made to both accept Jesus AND to commit to "the Way, the Truth, and the Life", true change DOESN'T come by a decision to TRY HARDER. The first time you went up the ladder on the high diving board and walked to the end, you looked down at the water from that height in fear. A decision had to be made...just as the decision for, and commitment to, Jesus has to be made. But branches on a fruit tree don't produce more and better fruit by "trying harder". The productive branches are the ones well-attached, well-positioned, and staying so on the fruit tree. As Paul notes in Romans 12:1-2, the REAL TRANSFORMATION comes by the renewing of the mind. This is a conscious, willful decision to study the Word of God and to apply it's truths to your life! May God bless you richly in your "yes"'ll NEVER regret it. To-do list:

  • Salvation: [essay] [the guarantee] [the highest truth] Search your heart and mind and be sure that you have come to the point of "saving belief"...being "born again"...the "new birth"...a "new creation" in Christ. Have you truly said "yes" yet? If not, then you have failed to build on the solid foundation that transforms you from trying to live a supernatural life armed only with natural resources. You must have a supernatural "heart transplant"!! Check out and believe the really good news...the Gospel [here]. Be sure that you understand how secure you are in the truth of your new position in Jesus.
  • Cleansing: By being "born again", God declares you...on the coat-tails of Jesus...righteous and clean; but, with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, make the decision to confess your sins, repent of these sinful prohibitions, and set about to clean up your act. Jesus will shepherd you and defend you against temptation as you call out to Him.
  • Relationship: Though some will reach out to you, most won't realize that you are a new believer. The most powerful thing a believer can do is pray...pray for relationships:

    God: regularly relate to our one true Trinitarian God through prayer, the reading of The Word of God (the Bible) [getting Word Power], and being in church worship activities so you can learn to "hear" His leading.

    Believer friends: become personal, individual friends with other believers...step out boldly and introduce yourself to believers you feel an urge to meet. But be aware that God has made us with intended differences [here].

    Believer groups: get into Sunday School meeting groups, church study groups, and Christian outside-interest (hobby or fun would blow you away how many interest groups there are) and business groups.
  • Discipleship: Learn as much as you can about Jesus and The Way, The Truth, and The Life...the Faith of Christianity. [a few resources] [some web site essays and hot topics]
  • Servanthood: Through the spiritual gift(s) you have received from the Holy Spirit as a believer, reach out to others, both believer and non-believer.
  • Evangelism: The believer's most important job...the Great to tell others. Don't necessarily remove yourself from non-believers; but, be very careful not to be tempted away by may need to "get strong" before you "fish where the fish are." Being careful to be sensitive...but being bold to seize opportunities...let others know that you have a new life and that it is because of Jesus. It is not your job to convert anyone...just "tell" your story as sincerely, compassionately, and convincingly as you can. It may happen in one encounter or over many encounters for many years...depending on who you are talking to. Pray for them to "hear"!

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