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The "Good News"...Gospel...of Jesus the Christ (the Messiah)
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No human lives a sin-free life justifying or deserving eternal living with God in Heaven. Man is not naturally good (Mark 7:15)! The current world has more temptation available to do sin and evil than ever before in history. So, humans need a Savior. Therefore, the wonderful news is what God  (in His perfect love) did...and He did it for every human...He provided that Savior! The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross bought forgiveness for all of us for all past, present, and future sin. It is already a "done deal". There now is NO unpardonable sin. Did you know that the Bible never records Jesus telling a sinner that, "You are going to hell!"? Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus' resurrection (one of many unique distinctions of Christianity) from the dead...the final proof of the good news of His truth. The foretaste for the believer of the happy ending to a life on earth was the ascension (the rising up to Heaven) of Jesus back to Heaven...showing that, in Christ, there is a happy ending to all of this heartache on earth. Forgiveness has already been obtained (Psalm 103:12). That leaves open the question of...after your body dies...where does the forgiven "you" spend eternity: with God (Heaven) or apart from God (Hell)?



It matters greatly that you can know that (1) the realization of your salvation is ready for you, (2) that your salvation is secure (it is permanent), (3) that you can have peace & fulfillment in this earthly life, and (4) that there will be a happy ending to your life with eternal joy to follow!  But, a person must undergo "conversion" from the situation of being categorized by God as "sinner" to categorized by God as "saint". The guaranteed-result way to do this is by coming to a state of "saving belief" in Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior:

  • Become willing to hear this gospel & then,
  • hear about the Savior & what is possible through Him; then, 
  • be willing to believe the Bible's (and all of history's, for that matter) most important Truth...eternal salvation is possible & free; then, 
  • believe what he/she hears is The Truth; then, 
  • make a conscious decision to claim (believe in) Him;  
  • and then actually claim Jesus as Savior...thereby converting to "saving belief". 



The Bible says that All humans will come before Jesus for a final judgment...Jesus will give the final judgment for eternity on every human being. So, the GREAT good news is that the truly saved aren't going to get the bad, negative judgment that all humans deserve!

  1. Our problem: the bad news is, every person is innately a sinner & commits sins! 
  2. The predicament: all humans being innately imperfect, it is impossible to do anything on our own to personally qualify for...eternal residence in Heaven with the absolutely holy God. 
  3. The natural penalty: would be death.  
  4. The provision: Jesus the Savior...who obtained 
  5. The pardon: The bodily death of Jesus satisfied the demands of the just & fair God against the sin of all people for all time! Therefore, in Jesus...on the "coat-tails" of Jesus, a believer is justified & saved for eternity in Heaven by divine legal declaration and then adopted into the family of God. Pardon & adoption are on the coattails of Jesus. 



The great good news: Jesus was slain on a cross to pay for your sins...the sacrificial Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world! Having made that sacrifice personally effective, the truly & fully saved Jesus believer is (1) a new creature, is (2) rescued from satanic authority (the power of Satan to make you sin is gone...Satan there-after must coax & con you into sin), has (3) God Himself working within (as the Holy Spirit who, among many other things, personally makes The Word...the Bible...understandable & empowers that believer to "walk" in The Way), is (4) secure (sealed...Ephesians 4:30) & saved (once saved, your salvation cannot be lost) with "citizenship papers" (that permanently indwelling Holy Spirit) in Heaven for eternity, and (5) does not die (at death he/she becomes absent from the physical body & present with the Lord). This good news promises in-this-world rest for the weary and an easy "yoke" and light burden (Matthew 11:28-30). And it promises a supernaturally (indwelling Holy Spirit) empowered certainty of (6) a truly integrated state (as with sanctification...never fully completely so while on earth) of one's human nature (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, economic, and political). As such, you have the maximized chance to do God's purpose successfully in life & lead an authentic & fully purposeful life.

With the coming to belief, there is baptism. Believers gather together for fellowship, worship (including remembering Christ through Holy Communion), and good works. You have a GREAT opportunity!!!


In the Bible, the four books referred to as "the Gospels" constitute "one good news...four different views": Matthew (the good news from a Jewish point of view); Mark (the good news from a Roman point of view), Luke (the good news from a Greek point of view), and John (the good news from a Gentile...all other humans...point of view). The "synoptic Gospels" are the first three (Greek, synopsis=view together), and they are conventionally grouped together by that term by students of scripture.



Jesus responds to "desire"...not performance or competency. If you will just claim/accept the way of escape from the penalty of sin (the unsaved are born already headed to Hell...please claim the get-out-of-Hell-free ticket) that Jesus (being the Savior) has provided for you (true "saving belief" in Jesus), then you GUARANTEE an eternity for yourself with God in Heaven and a fulfilled life while on earth! Prepare yourself to always be able to explain your hope (I Peter 3:15-16). ***See the link on Level 3 Explanation as to the concept of The Elect.

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