The Truth... What is it?

Greatest Opportunity For Every Human on Earth!!


Good news!!! Want the "good life"...the real one? My bottom line as of mid-2016...and some info to that the greatest present and future status for a human is to be FULLY SAVED.

There are foundational forces in life which are constantly affecting humans & their God-created DNA & its expressions of this DNA in each one of us: good (God) vs. evil (Satan)...the deadly cycle based HERE. If you are not aligned with God, then as with the default settings on a computer, you are aligned with Satan. Somehow, humankind was rendered "fallen" after the rebellion of Adam & Eve. As a "fallen" world/humanity, it is much easier to default comfortably to evil & to go "downhill" (follow the low road) than it is to "walk uphill" (to follow the high road). Without a savior, we WILL go downhill (though often thinking that we are having a great time, maybe even a great life)!

Both "salvation" and "eternity" begin (1) generally at the beginning of time and (2) individually at a person's conception in the womb and go on for infinity. Therefore, each of us has (1) an earthly segment of time and (2) an after-life segment of time into infinity. Misunderstanding this is a basis for misunderstanding the Gospel...the "good news". God pointed out...through Moses (about 1200BC)... guidelines or commands for living (relating)..."thou shall" & "thou shall not". As the feature of salvation while alive on earth, Jesus was sent (born about 3BC) to save and instruct us on how to love/relate (the two great commands) as the key to life (and His teachings indicate that life is about relationships...with [1] the Divine & [2] with people). He wants us to know how (a) self-centeredness condemns and (b) other-centeredness makes a "right path". He wants us to know how humans can live the blessing of a relationship with God. And, He wants us to know how humans express their thanks by (1) spreading/relating the "good news" and (2) cultivating a personal grateful heart (living your life in a mind-set of gratitude). The ability to truly begin to (and grow in the ability to) live those two commands is (1) the inheritance of (Luke 10:25-28) the universally available Holy Spirit (2) and then instantly obtaining the Holy Spirit upon claiming Jesus as Messiah/Savior.

Here is the "good news"...the Gospel of Jesus: the redemption payment for sin against Almighty God was initially culturally interpreted or seen in BC times as the shedding of blood (sacrifice) of an unblemished "lamb". God "sent" His divine Son (Jesus) as a human man to live a perfect & sin-free life so that His death as an unblemished human could pay such an incredible debt as the aggregate sins of ALL of mankind. Jesus (1) shed His blood & died crucified; Jesus (2) arose from the dead; Jesus (3) is coming again. CURRENT MANKIND STATUS = (1) the penalty & atoning price for all of the sins of mankind of ANY kind has already been fully paid; (2) the forgiveness & redemption of mankind has already been accomplished; and (3) God can indwell and work through & in you (you're not just on your own with just your skills & power for your life on earth) & "cloak" you by His pardon with the righteousness of Christ toward the better life on earth. God can produce that "good life"; He can enable you to have a thankfulness-expressing life, as above. You can acquire the partnership of THE supernatural power! But, you must listen (hear/read) and act (Matthew 7:24).

Jesus answered a Jewish lawyer (Luke 10:26): "And He [Jesus] said to him, 'What is written in the Law? How does it read to you?'" As you read The Word of God, will you read with a mindset of legalism ("do's" & "don'ts") or grace ("I love you no matter what"..."I accept you 'as is'")...or a mixture? Please consider these points (all explained in more detail in additional linked pages in this website):

  • God: Jesus came to proclaim the true character of God Almighty, the Father. His Father is filled with love for and grace toward all of His creation. God is not a "hanging judge"!
  • great news: God sent the promised Messiah, the Savior...the One to redeem & ransom & make things right between Him (God) & mankind (John 3:16).
  • eternity: But, eternity (eternal afterlife) with God, by mainstream interpretation (see last item, below), is only possible for:
    • those coming to God through a "savior" (who makes things right)...the work of His Savior Son, Jesus, does this (and these saved can know in advance, while on earth, that they are guaranteed to be eternally saved ); or,
    • those who can actually live perfect lives (but, you are no match for the power of Satan to make you sin & be imperfect...and whether you are qualified to be saved or not will only be declared at Judgment Day); or,
    • those on whom God otherwise grants mercy (and, by this way, whether you are saved or not will only be declared at Judgment Day).
    • Hell:God does not send a person to Hell (in fact, He has already providea guaranteed way of rescue...redemption...from Hell)...all unsaved are already Hell-bound, headed straight for Hell (maybe already even in Hell...but what is Hell?).
  • triune God: God exists as one entity but simultaneously functioning as 3 persons: (1) God the Father, (2) God the Son (the specific Savior,  Jesus of Nazareth), & (3) God the Holy Spirit.
  • universal acceptance: In effect, Jesus says, "I know every single thing that you've ever done, and I love you anyhow." Good news: Jesus accepts you & me exactly as we are RIGHT NOW...we can confidently come to Him "as is"! We can tell him everything we think about, nasty and good. He will love you and show you The Way to a life you will truly love. By coming to belief in the saving power of Jesus, you guarantee escape from Hell into eternal optimal relating with the triune God!
  • divine indwelling: ONLY when you truly come to belief in Jesus, there is an immediate spiritual baptism by the coming specifically into you (to permanently indwell & live in you & "cloak" you) of God in the person of the Holy Spirit...your supernatural helper & comforter...your supernatural power source & teacher; and your "early warning, sin-alarm system"! This indwelling is forever & possibly even provides the indwelt believer to commune with God in eternity at an even more intimate level than mere humans could possibly imagine.
  • the Word of God: God has supernaturally "inspired" men to record His errorless Truth: the Holy Scripture, the Bible. It was delivered to the Jews in their role as chosen people of God. It is depended upon by those of Islam and Christians (3 groups of "people The Book"). The books written after Jesus...the New Testament with The Gospels...are particularly written not to gain Christian converts but to edify those already Christian as they desire to follow Jesus in The Way. Good news: when you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit upon being a Jesus believer, the Word of God changes from being just directed to readers in general to being the Word of God directed to you!
  • divine empowerment: As your supernatural empowerer, that internal, indwelling Holy Spirit enables you to learn from the Bible (as it applies generally & to you), therefore enabling you to find out how for you to "do" life...what to obey, & what is "sin". And He enables you to be successful with the commands of Jesus, such as "in everything, give thanks" (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). 
  • transformation: God, therefore, has rescued you; and, as Jesus leads you into the process, God transforms & cleans up your life...sanctifies order that you be allowed closer to God (thereby allowing greater intimacy with God). Sin hinders this intimacy [sin defined...a sin story], and part of this transformation is the acquisition of the power to resist are no longer a slave to CAN resist. This is the good news of the Spirit-filled life while on earth (for a long time..."eternity") prior to your earthly death!
  • your seal: Once the Holy Spirit comes into you, to permanently & irreversibly seal & mark you as one of Jesus' own, your salvation cannot be undone. You cannot any longer be "Hell-bound"! The redemption price that Jesus paid for all mankind becomes personally effective for you (for the rest of your earthly life)! are now saved both in the "here and now" and the "hereafter"!
  • peace: Wouldn't it be GREAT to come to belief NOW and get the guaranteed assurance (you can deeply believe it) of salvation from here on out & be able to live in confidence & in peace, joy, assurance, and gratitude for the rest of your life on the "good life" & able to have a great daily attitude? from the bondage of insecurity & fear!
  • purpose: God made His creation and each person for a purpose that is hard for many to understand (explained later). And He gave an advantageous way for a human to succeed at His do "works" & to glorify Him. But God does not need the "works" in order to be pleased with you. In one of the rare Bible references to the audible speaking of God in the New Testament (Luke 3:22), God announces His being "well pleased" with Jesus. Yet Jesus had not yet even preached a sermon or healed a single person! We are advised to do all work as if unto the Lord, thereby making all work of any kind fulfilling & joyful.
  • strength to accomplish purpose: the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer is the power source for the strength you need to be grateful & accomplish your God-given purpose on earth. 
  • intercessor: While on earth, a Jesus believer...are loved & interceded for with God by your Lord (master) & King...Jesus...who only wants the best for you (Jesus is the "go between" between God & man...all is healed on the coat tails of Jesus).
  • God does it all: God not only accepts you as you are, He does not leave you as you are. In short, God does it just must quit resisting as He draws & turns you toward Him; you just (hearing & acting),
    • "come to belief" in Jesus through the faith divinely implanted (more on another page),
    • worship & glorify Him as you join in the relationship with Him, & learn about your faith (undergo discipleship); and,
    • join together with others (the fellowship of the believers) to worship Him, spread the "good news", and live in thankfulness and gratitude. And God empowers you to do all of this.
  • possibly even better: according to some interpretations of Scripture, Jesus' death on the cross paid the price for forgiveness of sin and for the redemption of ALL humans so as to qualify all humans for eternal salvation (the life after death portion)...whether they come to belief in Jesus or not. However, ONLY the earthly Jesus-follower has the hope of prolonged, supernaturally-empowered salvation while on earth (the on-earth phase of eternal salvation...due to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within that believer). God has provided it all for a totally blessed (but not problem-free) life, from birth to infinity!

Sound too easy and too good to be true?...really good news? Any way you look at it, eternal salvation is a free gift from God! It is available to all people from all backgrounds & all religions (example: Jews for Jesus and former Islam followers for Jesus, etc., are all Christians). Though a majority will "pass" on this fabulous opportunity, the loving & merciful God does not have any limit on the number of people He will save. And the "good life" is therefore yours for the taking & living. Believe and be "born again" with the indwelling of the Holy spirit and marvel at the wonder of communing at ANY time with the Creator of the universe while sitting in the comfort of your home!

I have a deepening series of four more web page files (evidence & links to Scripture) explaining the above further, each file taking this "good news" into more detail....start here. Elsewhere in this website are files discussing Christian faith beliefs (doctrine). It is pondering the details of doctrine as to correct ways to do things (for which there are always a number of interpretations), etc....that we not lose sight of the Truth of this basic good news.

And, for the sake of God, please remember that the Devil is in the details: Satan has a field day with Christians over doctrinal details...causing all sorts of back-biting & divisiveness among those who claim Jesus as Savior. What an ongoing  blight of examples to those who watch us and either join or steer clear! We believers MUST treat each other with respect, grace, & love! [BRIEFEST OUTLINE HERE]

(posted 20 July 2004; latest adjustment 4 September 2016)