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 Coroner & Legal Issues


Issues such as having a person committed to an institution for psychiatric or addiction issues are fraught with legal points having to do with whether potential suicide (self killing), homicide (killing others), unintentional injury to self or others, or even potential assault or abuse of others is likely. Emergency rooms across the USA have to deal with such decisions 24/7/365. The cost of medical care OWN opinion (I began practice in 1975)... no less than 100% higher (it could be 300% or more) than it would be had the legal atmosphere of the constant threat of lawsuits not deeply ingrained a VERY defensive style of medical care.

As our group continues to perform autopsies for our county's coroner system, I contend that US citizens would be thrown into an absolute panic if they had real-time access to a national, real-time reporting, on-line, de-identified listing of the initial category of death & then the final main diagnoses.

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[posted 30 July  2012]