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Some Possibly Useful Links

  • free on-line Bible verse look-up in multiple languages and multiple translations, about 6 drop doown with a verse @ American Bible Society [HERE]; another website [here]; another [all Wycliffe]; and a massive website with online commentaries, maps, music, etc. [Blue Letter Bible].
  • Poison Control universal toll-free number: 800-222-1222 [here]
  • Fraud & Problem reporting & individual "heads up" alert or whistle-blower reporting
    • Instances of suspected Medicare fraud & abuse.
    • Phishing attempts to steal identity.
    • annual free credit report: [here]

News expose' sites:

Information sites:

Kin & friend's home pages:

  • daughter Jennifer Kendrick, Gilbert, S. C. [here]
  • cousin John Cain, Lexington, S. C. [here]
  • cousin Bob Brown, Florida [here]

Weather sites:

Travel sites:

  • South Carolina Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (SCPRT), the 4th best state tourism web site in the USA (June 2002)
  • radar tracking of flights: here
  • arrival, departure, and airport delay status: here
  • cheap (but nonrefundable) airline, hotel/motel, rental car prices ( here


  • fee per month access to product ratings @ Consumer Reports: here
  • buyer's opinions of products: here
  • compare prices: here
  • discount bargains: here
  • low-priced shopping: see what it is priced here before you buy in the store.
  • America's Cheapest Family, Annette and Steve Economides (economy-dis) have lived the Economiser lifestyle since 1982.

E-mail hoaxes:

Movie reviews...values-based: here

Free long-distance calls from computers to phones

How things work: 

Drug Treatment Centers: A system which helps you locate treatment centers by using zip codes.

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) site provides listings of local therapists.

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) site provides listings of local therapists.

Mary Hunt's debt-proof-living web site on how to make you money go further

 tips, saving on heating & A/C expenses [here]

 on-line sports events ticket re-sales (people who can't attend and want to sell tickets they've purchased).

 A source for Apple computer products.


  • FDIC insurance estimator of how well your bank insures your deposits [HERE].
  • Bank safety or riskiness [HERE]...scroll down to "safe & sound ratings" link.

Investor stuff:

  • Investor Education: Famed investor, Warren Buffett, has often given advice. His most fundamental advice is about courses on investing: take a course on how to value a company (or land, or metals, or collectibles, etc.) because you buy an investment ( a stock or anything else) based on your prediction of a future, advantageous increase in realizable value. There is a collection of Mr. Buffett's letters to share-holders of his company, Berkshire Hathaway, containing much investment wisdom at that company's web site.
  • interest rate monitors (and other economic data) at : Once there, scroll down to "Prepackaged multiple interest rate charts" to see graphs
  • H. W. "Skip" Weldon (Columbia, S. C.) had an excellent, no-nonsense investor "rules" web posting that he took down upon his retirement.

Automobile expenses:

  • Insurance: shop around with on-line comparisons.
  • Take a higher deductible and "self-insure" for that part.
  • Pick a car that holds up safely, is less expensive to repair, & is less desirable to thieves
    [safety records]

  • check these potential insurance discounts which you may not know that you can ask for.
  • repair advice: Sam's Garage 

Jerry Fowler, Real Estate, house buying, & related, central S. C. [here]

Home repairs & upgrades...advice:

  • James Dulley's website [here]
  • At Home with Gary Sullivan, Sundays on WVOC 560AM, 1-800-823-8255
  • Wayne Whiteside The Home Doctor, Saturdays between 6 & 8 AM WVOC 560AM

Financial calculators: numerous free on-line first glance it looks like you have to pay; but that is only if you are adding some calculators to your web site. Also Hugh Chou's site with 45 or so refinance and other calculators [here]. And one suggested by Melissa Knight which features a large number of calculators [HERE].

Credit grading by mortgagors: getting mortgage or other loan & want to see how the lenders will grade you (forewarned is forearmed) at Fair, Isaac and Company...see "myFICO" area (FICO).

buying a house & want to know about mortgage "tricks"?: check the mortgage professor who is Jack M. Guttentag, now Professor of Finance Emeritus, formerly Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking, at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; site includes financial calculators.


  • Recipes from Charleston Restaurants (and other USA sites): here
  • Recipes for any meal: here
  • some family favorites: here

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