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Collecting Our Favorite and/or Remembered Family Recipes

We [Ervin & Betty Shaw] live just west of Columbia, S. C. on the land that my wife's family farmed as she grew up. Many of these recipes relate to fruits, nuts, etc. which can be found on the family land, in this area or which are made of common food items (example: corn) in the Southern diet, or are family favorites.

  1. Ervin's maternal great-grandmother: "old" MaMa's (Mildred Shuford Murr Hall) Blackberry acid (an old-timey bottled drink)
  2. Ervin's maternal great-grandmother: "Mother Brown's" ("Katie" Kolb Brown) Puddin' Mush
  3. Ervin's maternal grandmother: "Wuh's" (Mildred Hall Brown) Ice Box Cake...a Brown Family Favorite (light & unusual & delicious)
  4. Ervin's maternal grandmother: "Wuh's" (Mildred Hall Brown) brownies...MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) family's favorite.
  5. Ervin's maternal grandmother: "Wuh's" (Mildred Hall Brown) smothered chicken...MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) family's favorite.
  6. Ervin's maternal grandmother's beloved black cook's (Edith Amos Cooper) sliced candied yams (a type of sweet potatoe casserole)...MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) family's favorite.
  7. Ervin's maternal great aunt: Aunt "Zoe" Rhame's (Missouri "Zoe" Hall Rhame) sugar-butter bread snack...MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) children's favorite.
  8. Ervin Shaw's mother's cinnamon toast snack: MaMa's (Mildred Brown Shaw) cinnamon toast snack. When Momma and Daddy were stationed at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey in WWII, they discovered this at a coffee shop in the town. Growing up in the 1940s-60s in Sumter, S. C., we LOVED this snack!!!
  9. Betty Shaw's mother's grape hull pie recipe: Lallah's (Lallah Lindler Drafts) Hull Pie (an old timey way to use the thick, local, "scuppernong"/"bullace"/"muscadine" grape hulls)

  10. Betty Shaw's mother's tomatoe gravy recipe: Lallah's (Lallah Lindler Drafts) Tomato Gravy Recipe (an old timey way to extend the use of the locally grown fruit).

  11. Betty Shaw's mother's "liver nips": now cooked only in the "Dutch Fork" of central S. C., Lallah's (Lallah Lindler Drafts) Liver Nips (a type of dumpling).
  12. Ervin's (E. B. Shaw, M. D.)  wild plum jam...absolutely delicious when fresh
  13. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) PECAN SHORTBREAD COOKIES
  14. from Ervin & Betty's travels to professional meetings: JACK'S PLACE (restaurant, Orlando, Fla.) CORN SOUFFLE (outstanding!)
  15. Ervin's (E. B. Shaw, M. D.)  creme brulee (& fruit parfait) & also check THIS] video.
  16. Betty's identical twin: Brenda's (Brenda Drafts Speer) Rice Pudding (from left-over cooked rice)
  17. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) Crunchy Nut-bread (a Shaw Family Favorite).
  18. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) salted pecan halves, roasted/baked = outstanding!!

  19. Betty's best friend "up North": Patti's sweet-salted pecan halves, cooked!

  20. Ervin's mother's Big Pot chicken bog in bulk...yummy!
  21. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) Ice Box Cheese Wafers...yummy!
  22. Ervin's favorite News & Courier local columnist in Charleston, S. C. during medical residency days: Jack (Hungryneck) Leland's Wild cherry bounce
  23. Ervin's friend & accountant for his medical practice: Bill Pickler's favorite pudding, Persimmon pudding
  24. Blackberry pie, a common South Carolina favorite.

  25. Lallah's Great Smokey Mountain Candy Roaster Pumpkin Pie: Betty Drafts Shaw's mother, Lallah Lindler Drafts loved to make these; and we would hunt these special "pumpkins" for her at mountain roadside markets.
  26. Ervin's mother's older generation friend: Mrs. Bernshouse' (Elizabeth Holladay Bernshouse) Chocolate roll desert (a Shaw Family Favorite...with "how to" video).

  27. Easter Story Cookies
  28. Betty's (Betty Drafts Shaw) Easy, Churned Chocolate Ice Cream (it is easy & delicious).
  29. Betty's mother: "Granny Lallah's" (Lallah Lindler Drafts) Homemade Egg Noodles...a Lindler family tradition.

  30. Betty's mother: "Granny Lallah's" (Lallah Lindler Drafts) Ribble Soup (pronounced "RIBB-ly")

  31. ***Betty's mother: "Granny Lallah's" (Lallah Lindler Drafts) quick sauerkraut (Lallah originally used the month-or-two fermentation process in ceramic jars) [pending]

  32. ***Betty's sister's (Ann Drafts Koch) Connie Blair pound cake: [pending]

  33. Betty's (Betty Drafts Shaw) Crockpot Sweat & Sour Meatballs...incredibly easy & tasty appetizer or finger food!
  34. Wuh's mustardy mac & cheese; Norma Jean Darden's "Mac & Cheese"...N. Y. City soul food!
  35. Ervin & Betty Shaw's friend from waitress days at Mediterranian Cafe, Lexington: Leigh Ann Cogdill's Pacific Chowder...a fine canned tuna (or crab meat or shrimp, or oysters, or a mix?) meal.
  36. Ervin & Betty Shaw's she crab soup.
  37. ***Ervin & Betty Shaw's crab cakes & sauce [pending].
  38. ***Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) pound cake...her family's favorite [pending].
  39. ***Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) cheese straws...her family's favorite [pending].
  40. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) pecan brittle candy (or can be peanuts).
  41. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) Ella's toffee candy.
  42. Ervin & Betty Shaw's oyster stew.
  43. Ervin's daughter: Jenny Kendrick's Quick & Fail-safe Fruit Cobbler.
  44. Betty's daughter: America Jill Draft's sausage-and-cheese ball appetizer.
  45. Betty Shaw's Aunt Mae Lindler's pickled beet recipe, Wow!
  46. Ervin's Sumter friend from 1962 lifeguarding days at Poinsett State Park: Mike Bailey's Chicken and Roasted Red Potatoe Bake.
  47. Ervin's Sumter friend from 1962 lifeguarding days at Poinsett State Park: Mike Bailey's creamed corn.
  48. Betty & Ervin Shaw's Mediterranean Shrimp and Grits; comments on other shrimp and grits varieties.
  49. Betty & Ervin Shaw's old timey Hoppin' John (rice, red field peas, & pork trimmings).

  50. Henry Harder's Red Chicken Stew. Ervin Shaw and Henry (along with Billy & Randy Baldwin) have been best friends since 3rd grade.

  51. Dutch Fork Mixed Bread: the "mixed" is of (1) wheat flour and (2) corn grits & was a favorite in Betty Shaw's (cooked by Granny Lallah) family, HERE.

  52. Ervin Shaw's Aunt Jane Brown Jeffress' Bread Pudding recipe, HERE.

  53. ***Betty Drafts Shaw's salmon patties, HERE. [pending]

  54. Betty Drafts Shaw's chicken salad, HERE.

  55. Dixie Brown Shaw's outstanding French onion soup, HERE.

  56. Shaw Family creamed tuna on toast for cold weather, HERE.

  57. Shaw Family salmon and grits for cold weather, HERE.

  58. ***Betty Shaw's excellent country style steak (country fried steak), [pending].

  59. Ervin's mother: MaMa's (Mildred B. Shaw) chocolate fudge.
  60. Dutch Fork recipe for "maldashers" (an unusual dumpling), HERE.

  61. Shaw Family friend's (Clara Grant Moise) recipe for fruitcake, HERE.

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