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How true! BUT, there is much good there, too. This reminds me of the problem I see with our Christian denominations. Each denomination is different because members variously participate in customs based on doctrinal angles which focus on certain interpretations of scripture which then lead to rules, policies, and customs which are not preferred/emphasized...often even vigorously other denominations. Individual churches within a given denomination may be stronger or lighter on certain of these denominational emphases. As the local church body is formed of many parts with each part possessing spiritual gifts, I believe that the denominations act partly as different parts of the world-wide BODY of believers, THE CHURCH. Satan works here, too, by creating a spirit within Christians which focuses on criticisms, belittling, and even outright condemnation and public disapproval of the customs & beliefs of one denomination by critics from other denominations. Satan uses the me-centered, self-centered attitudes of human nature...the natural the disruption of the Gospel of Jesus. If a break off or split is to occur, I'd hope for it to be done with respect and recognition of the value of all of these parts.

With the internet, it is possible for web sites and blog discussions to explore thoughts that would cause disruption if spoken out loud in many churches.

It would be much better to focus our energy on positively building up the entire body of believers (according to Ephesians 4:29 about the building up of the body). Being a Christian, a member of an ELCA Lutheran Church, former member of a Southern Baptist Church who was raised a Methodist, being one who loves and enjoys visiting the congregation of my daughter's Independent Baptist Church, and being one who saw my son's life straighten out as he lived for 6 weeks with a Mennonite family, I have enjoyed reflecting on the denominations as being an extension of the concept of the "the body" and its separately necessary parts. [demonic possession]

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[posted 13 July 1998; update 13 October 2014]