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Helping your doctor get to the bottom of things and quickly to a correct diagnosis and treatment can be remarkably helped by the patient having his/her facts down correctly. Did the problem begin after an illness or time of great stress or distress? Was a new medication started? To see how you can help yourself, check SKINSIGHT (and you might even figure out what you have before you get to the doctor to discuss treatment)! The same company that provides this web sight also provides VISUALDX to physicians who wish to subscribe. And, here is another site to help patients ("for patients").

Times have changed and many people have access to their cell phone cameras. Direct visible pictures of how a process started and changed no longer has to be confused by vocabulary barriers. Patients can carry a series of photos in their phones to show what happened and when. They can arrange these on pages and bring them with them to the doctor.

Nail clippings, skin material that comes off, and hair that comes out can be collected and refrigerated to bring into your doctor in case he/she wants to examine it or even send it for culture or pathology studies.


  1. Acne prevention & treatment.
  2. Toenail fungus prevention & treatment.
  3. A skin biopsy says you have "sarcoid" [what to do].
  4. About MELANOMA (& prognosis calculation) skin cancer & other skin cancers/diseases:  (NOTE: we continue to see on-line advice to use super-expert pathologists for skin diagnoses. After 28 years in practice, my advice is, rather, to deal with pathologists (and all other service providers) who "care." link to a good site with on-line info, article links, and prognosis calculator.
  5. See the "information resources of interest" helper sites on top right, HERE.

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